Teachers Tackle Juvenile Crime

(Memphis) It's no secret, the criminals police often haul away for crimes are kids.

We're talking about teenagers who shoplift, or break into your car.

They don't go to jail, but get monitored.

Court administrators say volunteers often help them because there’s just too many kids for the system to handle.

Now, teachers and counselors in Shelby County Schools are helping.

They're partnering with juvenile court and will be like a probation officer inside school buildings.

“If a child knows we're monitoring them they're going to rise to the challenge," said Rob Pope, who is with Shelby County Schools. “If they think they can skate and slide under the system that's when problems occur."

Teachers often say they don't have time to parent kids, just teach them.

This program takes just one teacher and makes them a part time parent.

It's not just a problem in the inner city.

Collierville High's Marina Brashear says teens can rebel anywhere and now she can watch for what parents have a hard time dealing with.

“It provides outreach to students who may not have it at home, I call it the parenting feature," said Brashear.

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