An Ill-Timed Selfie, And What Our Internet Searches Say About Us?

Here today are Mandy Morgan and Mike Montana from WRVR 104.5 FM and Myron Mays with Soul Classics 103.5. 

It's the snapshot heard 'round the world! 

President Obama, along with the British and Danish Prime Ministers, took a picture of themselves at Nelson Mandela's Memorial yesterday. 

Did they pick the wrong time, to snap a selfie?

 Search engine "Bing" is out with the top searches for 2013. 

We're going to tell you in a moment who's the most frequently looked up female, male and news story but what would be your guess?

 And you may have seen this online. 

Canadian Airline Westjet asked waiting fliers what they wanted for Christmas. 

While they were on the plane, Westjet employees went out and bought everything they asked for, wrapped it and sent it out to them on the baggage carousel at their destination.

With all the negative press regarding airlines what do you say about this?





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