Accomplice Captured, Gunman Still Out There

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(Memphis) Police captured the alleged accomplice of someone who shot a man five times in his front yard. It happened Dec. 1 in the 800 block of Garland Street.

Police say a couple was confronted by two robbers when they got home that night .

When the robbers demanded money and the couple said they didn’t have any, one of them shot the man multiple multiple times.

“He didn’t have no jewelry, no money, so they shot him,” said neighbor Anthony Cleaves

Some neighbors heard the gunshots, then more of them.

“It seemed like the same amount of shots were fired again,” said neighbor Albert Kyles.

Police say the gunman shot Tyrone Lasane a total of five times. He barely survived.

“I talked to his brother. That’s why I know he is doing alright, getting better, getting better by the day,” said Edward Thurman.

Thurman is a friend and neighbor of Lasane. He believes the gunmen targeted his friend for a reason.

“He’s a businessman.  He owns a couple of businesses. He owns a car lot and an auto body shop so maybe they thought he had some money or whatnot.”

Police are still looking for the man who pulled the trigger, but police say they were able identify and arrest his accomplice.

According to police reports, Reginald White told the suspect to shoot Lasane after saying the man said he didn’t have any money.

When Lasane’s girlfriend escaped with her life by driving away, White allegedly followed her.

He’s now charged with attempted first-degree murder.

“He got hit five times? Boy, that is horrible,” said Cleaves.

“That is sad. Extremely sad,” said Kyles.

Even though Lasane may have been the target, it has neighbors worried.

“I have been concerned about that because when I come out now I am watching, you know,” said Cleaves.

“All you can do is protect yourself, watch your kids and be as careful as you can,” said Thurman.

If you know who the gunman is, call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH.

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  • Ron Shaffer

    OK lets see if the DA will prosecute them both for the attempted murder. The use of a firearm in the commission of a felony should be automatic 10 -20 before any other charges. Stop pleading on these cases and let these mindless thugs know they are facing a minimum of 10 years plus whatever the charges carry. No good time served for the weapon and they have to serve thw whole 10 plus years. Maybe these brainless thugs will understand there is real time they will serve.

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