30 Arrested In Drug Trafficking Ring

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(Memphis) Thirty people have been arrested in a what District Attorney Amy Weirich called a "drug-trafficking conspiracy."

Weirich says the trafficking operated mainly in the Riverside community, the same area where gang members were put under a court injunction in September.

“It's the first time we have used the charge of conspiracy to traffic in a drug free zone. There we're several elementary schools that were in the vicinity where the drugs were being trafficked,” said General Weirich.

Weirich says Kenneth and Keith Bohanon were, "major customers of the Craig Petties cocaine distribution network and were left untouched when the Petties organization was dismantled."

Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong said Wednesday he remembered the Bohanons from his days working in OCU.

“We are almost to 2014 and these are people that are still actively involved in the drug trade in our city. It's rewarding to see that we finally got it right and we finally got them,” said Director Armstrong.

Since June, Memphis police officers have seized close to two pounds of cocaine, $400,000 in cash as well as vehicles.

Ten people are charged with intent to sell cocaine over 300 grams, sometimes with a school drug free zone.

Twenty other people are charged with buying cocaine for resale.

Three of the charged are said to be gang members.


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