Family Destroyed After Memphis Cab Driver’s Brutal Murder

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(Memphis) A killer is wanted for the stabbing and brutal beating of a Memphis cab driver found dead next to his cab in Fayette County.

His family got a text from his killer asking for Zewdneh Assemu's pin number. The family never texted him back. They called police instead.

Assemu's body was found two hours after the text message was sent.

"The person who killed my husband, he killed me too. He killed my kids too," said Hamelmal Kassa.

Kassa is now a single mother. Her husband of 14 years found brutally murdered Saturday. She just moved to Ethiopia to be with him. Both looking for a better life.

Kassa said she begged her husband Assemu to not drive his cab Friday. The weather was bad. Assemu never came home from work that day.

The next day, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Metro Cab tracked his car using GPS. He was found in a field lying by his cab. He was beaten and stabbed several times. His killer got away.

"I really miss him," said Mohammed Abawaji.

Abawaji said Assemu stood by his daughter's bedside for three years while she battled cancer.

"He took care of her and when she saw him, she felt better," said Abawaji.

Assemu was the oldest brother in his family. He taught his siblings to be strong, but at his memorial Tuesday, it was hard to follow his lesson.

Metro Cab and CrimeStoppers are offering a $2,000 for any information that helps solve this case.


  • Hard Truths

    African immigrants sure do have better character and a better work ethic than many if not most locals. They’re intelligent and educated, too.

    They’re very often our cab drivers. Every one I’ve talked to has been delightful, usually coming in late from the airport..

    They speak better English than locals, too. I mean both races.

    • Ferg

      You don’t even know “most locals” to make such an assumption. You may “run across” some locals, but you don’t “know” them, which is the reason for your prejudice.

      • Hard Truths

        I have encountered enough locals to have an informed opinion. Most of Memphis is from the shallow end of the gene pool.

        If you have encountered thousands, you can safely extrapolate to hundreds of thousands. IF you aren’t a MCS graduate.

        Memphis is a deliberate exercise in stupidity, ignorance, and criminality. A Third World country right in the middle of America. You fit the bill, Ferg.

      • Monica Garrett

        I agree with you Freg, I have lived in Memphis all my life. I’am black, educated, work a professional job, married for over 30 yrs to same guy who also works, have only 2 kids who are both educated & have professional jobs. Our family consist of CPAs, Nurses, Lawyers and those who work in Service jobs. The point being we are all hard workers and care for our families without public asst. All my friends are the same, both white and black. These so call locals that the others mention are not the majority & seems to me that some need to watch whom they associate with; got to associate in order to know them. I live in a nice quiet neighborhood that consist of all races, no problems. So the people with the negative remarks may need to check themselves. A proud Memphian.

      • Hard Truths

        Monica, if you’ve lived in Memphis all your life, then, naturally, you would THINK Memphis is normal. It is not, I assure you. This is one fetid Third World backwater.

        Talking last year to a nursing student from Detroit. “Have you noticed that people in Memphis are especially stupid?”

        Answer: “No, not so far, but you’re the second person who has asked me that question this week”.

        Memphis is NOT a normal place, certainly not a normal part of America, and really NOT First World.

        I noticed that 50 years ago when I came here from living overseas in Europe and Africa — and I noticed it about the whites first and foremost. And I’m white.

  • Joe

    Prayers for the family and friends.. To address some of the above comments.. According to the tax records my neighbors, who came here from another country own the most expensive house on the street. They have two children, one in high school, the other in college. They both work, he paints houses and she cleans houses. In my opinion most people can paint and or clean, and I don’t believe you are a product of your environment your entire life in America unless you want to be.

    • Sambo

      Of course not Joe, when the ghetto thugs start moving into section 8 housing next door and then ruin the property values and start robbing and harassing people…it’s not your fault is it? It’s everyone else’s fault.

      • Nonya Bidness

        It would be his fault for not burning the house down when the problems started. You have to take matters into your own hands and control your environment, not be controlled by it.

  • mike

    i moved here 20 years ago and i must say that blacks are worse here than in my hometown ! i hate working with them because they play games and team up against white workers and they also drive like escaped zoo apes on the streets

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