Defendant Put In “Holding Cell” During Trial

(Memphis) A Memphis man accused of threatening to kill the president was taken out of court during his own trail Monday after several disruptions.

Darrin Young was indicted earlier this year after the Secret Service says he was recorded during a phone call threatening to kill the president.

In federal court Monday, Young said he was “claiming his Moorish authority” and that he was “not represented by anyone” on what he called “trumped up charges.”

The threats were recorded during a phone call between Young and self-proclaimed sovereign citizen Tabitha Gentry.

Gentry was behind bars at the time, and still is, for squatting in a multimillion dollar East Memphis home.

Despite Young saying he didn’t want representation, his attorneys said Monday that they believe he is innocent.

Judge Mays said this was only the second or third time in his career that he has put a suspect in the observation cell, where they can see and hear their own trail.

The cell is two floors away from the trial, and attorneys will have to take regular breaks to consult with Young, if he will allow.


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