Tow Truck Drivers Brave Danger Of Icy Job

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(Memphis) Wet roads and freezing temperatures are never a good combination, and with all those messy roads you can imagine this is an extremely busy day for tow companies.

Drivers at B & B Towing say they’ve had steady calls all day, but spike in calls during commuting hours because of icy conditions.

“All the drivers are on standby, we got all the trucks ready. We’ve got six trucks,” said driver James Brown.

News Channel 3 was with Brown as he responded to a crash at Poplar and Tillman.

“Raining, sleeting, a little ice, they’ve had an accident here,” said Brown.

“I was stopping at the red light and then my car went skeer right on the ice. So be very careful. Stop way before the light,” said Driver Allison Andrews.

The other driver was treated for back injuries.

“It’s slick. It’s slick. So everyone be careful out there. It’s icy on the road and it’s not safe for driving,” said Andrews.

Icy roads are also bad news for tow truck drivers who say things get just as dangerous for them when things start freezing up.

“There’s ice on the truck. All the chains are frozen, the bed is iced over and slick. You gotta be careful,” said Brown.

Brown says things could have gone a lot worse because many people stayed home today and off the roads. He says that’s the best thing you can do.

B & B says it’s not only accidents on ice that keep them busy in these conditions, but they also have a lot of calls over cars that won’t start because of the cold temperatures.

The company says to drive slowly and leave yourself plenty of room to put on the breaks.

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