Near Icy Conditions Impacting Mid-South Truckers

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(Memphis) Truckers pulled into Memphis stops to take breaks from the icy conditions all over Friday. They couldn’t avoid certain roads due to their jobs.

Ice covered the grill of Shawn Covington’s big rig. He had a dangerous journey from Oklahoma City Friday. Shawn’s truck hit a patch of ice and turned sideways.

Even though Shawn drove hundreds of miles through ice and snow, he's worried about the last part of this trip. In this weather, anything can happen.

“The first thing you asked me was what?,” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“Was it icy on 385, because usually that overpass is real bad,” replied Covington.

“It's getting there, but it’s not too bad,” said Truck Driver Fred Washington.

News Channel 3 crews spent the day riding along 385.

There wasn’t significant ice inside the metro area. But with the continuous rainfall and temps expected to keep dropping, Bill Morris Parkway is expected to get more slick and hazardous.

Thirty-year Truck Driving Veteran Fred Washington says it’s not so much the ice that makes him nervous heading over bridges and overpasses off Bill Morris Parkway, it’s other drivers.

“You got look out for 4-wheelers. A lot of them jump in front of you. They think you can stop on a dime. You can’t with all this weight, especially with it being wet,” pointed out Washington.

Washington offered safety advice for drivers near big rigs on the highway.

“Either stay in front of it or behind it. Never ride on the side,” advised Washington.

Drivers also suggest staying home and avoiding bridges like those on 385.

But for dad Shawn, he's got to make one last work stop over the bridge before he goes home to his 5 kids.