Icy Roads Causing Problems For Drivers

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(Memphis) It's a well-oiled operation -- loading trucks with salt and hitting the road.

TDOT workers say almost all of their attention is focused in just one spot.

"We put a lot of focus on bridges and overpasses that have a lot of ice on them," said TDOT's Steve Lemmon.

And with good reason. Multiple cars crashed into one another while driving on an icy overpass on Austin Peay, and a church van flipped on its side on Jackson.

Drivers are on relatively clear roads, but are hitting patches of ice and losing control.

Earlier in the evening, Tammy Waison sat on the side of the road, too scared to go any further -- the "M" bridge over the Missippi River was collecting with ice.

We saw the same thing in January, when both bridges froze and backed up traffic for hours.

Fears of all this kept most people indoors.

Eric White cut a trip to Florida short before things got worse.

"We actually got our flights changed so we could get home earlier," he said.

Staying indoors is a huge help to the folks trying to clear the ice off roads, because the less traffic there is, the more the salt and sand can do its job.

But no matter the case, TDOT says they're on it.

"We go back over it until it's dry or completely gone. One or the other," Lemmon said.


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