Giant Oak Tree Falls On Home

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(Memphis) Ice built up on trees throughout the day, and some came crashing down.

From Midtown to East Memphis to Parkway Village, large trees became a real danger.

Tree service businesses are going to be very busy Saturday.

Talk about a window view...

“I heard all this crashing and I looked out the window and the roof was falling down and I didn't know what had happened,” said Joe Wasson.

This is what happened: Wasson's giant oak tree in his courtyard came crashing down, wiping out his carport and back porch. Wood from the attic banged on the window right next to where he was resting on the couch.

“I wasn't asleep but I was just kind of relaxing and it woke me up pretty quick.”

Even though creaking can still be heard from inside his splintered house, construction workers tell Joe and his wife that they are safe to still spend the night.

But across town on Robin Hood Lane, one family was told they had to find somewhere else to stay.

“No power in the house. No nothing. They told us not to stay here tonight,” said Lynn Simonye.

Just a branch in Lynn’s backyard created dangerous conditions when it came down on a power line.

A live wire was still on the ground when News Channel 3 was on the scene.

“White smoke was all coming in and that's the reason we called the fire department.”

Lynn's family was waiting on MLGW to cut the power to the wire as Joe's family in Kirby Woods counted their blessings on what didn't happen when their giant oak ripped out of the earth and came down.

“There were two cars in the carport and it didn't put a scratch on either one of them,” said Wasson.

No one was hurt and Joe has insurance.

“Oh, I’m thankful for that. We’re lucky. We are lucky.”

The construction company that checked out the damage Friday told Wasson it would take somewhere between $75,000 and $100,000 to fix his house.