What You Need To Stay Prepared In An Ice Storm

(Memphis) WREG put together a list of supplies you will need to get through this icy threat. It wasn’t easy finding some of the items.

Many stores across the Mid-South are sold out of salt, generators and ice scrapers.

Shelby County emergency crews suggest you fill up before the weather gets bad, so that was the first thing on our list.

The lines were long at a Lakeland gas station. Some people waited a half an hour to get to the pump.

“The line is just backed up! I’ve been waiting five minutes. I’ll be here another 15,” said one customer.

We went to a hardware store in Raleigh to get the rest of the items on our list.

Within minutes, we found water, a first-aid kit, batteries, windshield de-icer and a flashlight.

We couldn’t find ice melt or a generator. We were told most stores are out of them until they get an emergency shipment Friday.

It seems like other shoppers faced a lot of the same obstacles.

“There’s none in Covington. None in Millington and none in Memphis,” said a customer looking for a portable heater.

“I’ve gone to several stores and every shelf has been empty. Some boxes have been opened. Supplies are just really low in all those stores around. I’m happy I was able to find some things just to be,” said another customer.

Ice scrapers were also on our list. Not many stores carry them. Only a few AutoZones said they had some left.


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