US Marshals Search For Woman Who Lit Man On Fire

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(Memphis) The US Marshals wants your help to find a woman who's been on the run for more than a year now.

We told you about Tamika Jones last May. Police say she set her boyfriend on fire.

Cedric Garrison survived, but is not the same.

His family thought the investigation was going nowhere, but the US Marshals Office says it’s been working the case and doesn't plan on giving up the search.

The family has been pleading for justice for 17 months.

“If you know where Tamika Jones is, please, please let us know,” said Nola Garrison, the mother of Cedric.

Cedric spent days unconscious and endured countless surgeries after his ex-girlfriend poured gasoline on him and set him on fire

He went from barely alive to learning how to live with severe scars.

“The pain is bad,” said Cedric in October 2012. “The pain is horrible.”

The woman who changed his life has been running for hers ever since police say she doused Cedric outside a convenience store on Castalia Street.

By December of last year, Cedric's mother believed police had given up.

“They can't be looking for her! From May to December? You can't find one woman?” asked Nola.

“We care very much,” said Deputy US Marshal Seth Bruce.

It turns out, US Marshals are on the case.

“One of our best case agents have had the case since it came out and there is not a week that goes by that there is not some work done on this. We've just had difficulty locating her.”

Bruce says his agency has tracked Jones to five states.

Tips have come in from Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Indiana and Illinois from people who say they've spotted Jones, who Bruce calls a dangerous fugitive.

“Someone who is capable of lighting someone on fire is probably capable of anything.”

Police say Jones lit Cedric on fire because she wanted money. They have five children together.

Cedric says the crime was more than that.

“She told my friend ‘if I can't have him, nobody can have him’,” said Cedric.

The US Marshals wants to assure the family that they want Jones in handcuffs.

“We care and we are working on it and we hope they don't despair,” said Bruce.

“She needs to be caught and brought to justice,” said Nola.

If you know where Tamika Jones is hiding out, the US Marshals says you can get in touch with them by getting in touch with Crime Stoppers. That number is 528-CASH

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