People Living Without Water Brace For Storm

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(Memphis) It’s been more than a week since the water was turned off at the Graceland Manor Apartments. Now people who live there are being asked to leave as the winter weather approaches.

“We had to get it from over there by Junior’s store. He let us come over and get water,” said tenant Shelia Lumpkin who lives in the complex.

“Go get water, boil it and then I cook with it,” said Lumpkin.

MLGW says they contacted the manager and told her that if she would pay $500 last Friday that they would turn the water back on.

The manager paid that amount but MLGW also told her that by Monday she would have to pay the full bill or else they would have to turn the water back off and on Monday no more water.

More than $5,000 is owed on the water bill.

“We had water for thanksgiving and then they came back out that Monday and turned us off,” said tenant Brayland Mays.

Now Mays and others who live there are afraid the pipes will freeze.

The owner appeared in court Monday.

Tenants are hoping that although they have been asked to leave, that they will be given time to gather enough money to make the move.

“We had just paid rent to her, now we have to move. He's working side jobs,” said Lumpkin.