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People In Northwest Tennessee Prepare For Possible Ice Storm

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(Dyersburg,TN) We're keeping a very close eye on this developing weather system and so is everyone in northwest Tennessee.

We found people in Dyer County who say they aren't waiting till Thursday night to prepare for a possible ice storm...they're getting ready now.

"Get you a shovel and dig you a hole, like a groundhog, tomorrow afternoon. And don't come out till Monday," said Nathan Williams of Dyersburg.

Of course, he hopes it doesn't come that.

But the threat of a winter storm has people in Dyersburg and northwest Tennessee heading to the stores Wednesday.

Mae Milton said she doesn't like the forecast.

"Snow and ice and sleet. That's what I've heard."

Does it scare her?

"Oh yes," said Milton.

She's got a trunk full of food that will hopefully get her family through the next several days if need be.

"Meats, a lot of snacks, cereal and lots of just regular food...milk also," said Milton.

But shoppers aren't the only ones getting prepared for wintry weather.

Road crews in Dyersburg and Dyer County have loaded their trucks with salt and are ready to hit the streets, bridges and overpasses.

City and county leaders met a few days ago to discuss their plan of action in case of ice and snow.

Mark Grant, Director of the Dyersburg Emergency Operations Center, said city and county workers have been put on alert.

"Getting the employees ready possibly to have to work twelve-hour shifts, asking our public works crews to check all the equipment," said Grant.

Mark Grant said an ice storm will bring the danger of power outages lasting anywhere from 12-hours to five days.

That's why you should remember to stock up on water and food that doesn't require cooking.

Make sure you have prescribed medicines, first-aid kit and a flashlight and extra batteries.

Also make sure your cell phone, laptops and other mobile devices are fully charged.

Above all people are urged to just stay off the streets if they're icy.

Nathan Williams already knows how he'll spend his time if snow falls and ice develops.

"I might just have to stay in and watch TV...Gunsmoke and News Channel Three," said Williams.