Olive Branch Considers Tow Rate Changes

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(Olive Branch, MS) Tow truck driver Zac Garner says some wrecks are tougher than others.

Take what happened to the maroon extended cab pickup on Highway 78 recently.

”The car was on its side on the dotted line of 78, blocking two lanes of traffic,” Garner explained.

He had to pull the car out of the way, pull it upright again, and then clean up the mess on the road.

It took about an hour and a half.

That’s longer than the normal tow call.

That’s why he and other tow companies are asking the City of Olive Branch to approve new fees to allow extra charges for extra work and supplies.

”They expect us to clean up everything and we don’t mind that part of it, but the problem we’re running into, we’re incurring a lot of expenses," said Garne”

That’s extra time to sweep the pavement clean, and extra Oil-Dri to soak up excess oil and fluids.

Olive Branch leaders say they’ll carefully consider the request from Garner and the other three companies on the city's tow truck rotation list.

”We don’t want any gouging or anything. That’s something you always hear of in past history and stuff and we just want to make sure we’re on top of that and like I said, fair to the customers as well as the businesses,” said Olive Branch Mayor Scott Phillips.

Fairness is what both sides say they want here.

Towing companies say this isn’t just about them making more money. They’re asking for permission to have one driver take a tow truck home each night for faster response time.

Garner says faster response time means fewer, and shorter traffic backups.

"I’d say 15 to 20 minutes every single call and 15 to 20 minutes response time is big.”

He says run of the mill tows would still run $125 in Olive Branch; any extra fees would only kick in if they’re needed.