Drug Trafficking Suspect Accused Of Threatening Witness While Locked Up

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(Memphis) A drug trafficking suspect is now in trouble, accused of harassing a witness.

The threatening phone calls allegedly started while the suspect was locked up in jail.

Investigators busted Darrell Thompson for drug trafficking and possessing a gun as a convicted felon.

The bust happened last month right in front of his home on Shadowland.

For Thompson that's just the beginning. Police say the night they arrested him he called a witness from jail and threatened them several times.

A week and dozens of calls later, the witness says the threats were still coming.

This time, Thompson was no longer in a jail cell, but on the streets looking for the witness.

His voice was recorded on voicemails. One time it was recorded as police listened in.

The witness didn’t speak to WREG, but told police he feared for his life and his family members.

News Channel 3 tried speaking with someone at Thompson's home. A woman looked out the blinds and asked who was at door. But after we responded, she replied by locking the door.

Neighbors were too afraid or upset to speak on camera.

They say before the drug bust they didn’t know Thompson was a convicted felon, but they did suspect criminal activity inside the home.

They say with this latest accusation of threats, it makes them uncomfortable to live near him.

Thompson is no stranger to police.

They arrested him before on domestic assault and violating a restraining order charges.Another time he was arrested for sending threatening text messages to an ex-girlfriend.

Thompson’s bond is set at $2 million.


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