Despite Freezing Temps, St. Jude Marathon Still On

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(Memphis) While the freezing rain should be a thing of the past by Saturday for the St. Jude Marathon, organizers are taking extra precautions anyway.

Organizers say the race will go on but some adjustments had to be made because of the chilly forecast.

Rodrigo Interiano had to do some last minute shopping as he plans to take on the marathon in weather predicted to be in 20s.

“I got leggings and everything else prepared so just want to get a good jacket to hold me up.”

He's one of thousands still excited about the race, even though freezing rain is expected the night before and rumors abound the race might be canceled.

“It’s a rumor,” said ALSAC St. Jude CEO Rick Shadyac. “We want everyone to know that we are planning on having the St. Jude Memphis Marathon on Saturday morning.”

Shadyac says safety comes first, however, so extra blankets will be given out to volunteers, heating units will be set up and there will even be heated buses where people can gather to get warm.

Race organizers even plan to pour sand on the roads that will be taken by runners.

“We are going to work with City and the police department to ensure everybody`s safety.”

“I think all the people that prepared so long for so many weeks and months for this are happy to get to do it,” said Interiano.

Runners just have to strategize on what to wear.

“If you're running slower with less effort then you want to warm up as much as possible so put more clothes on,” said Runner Casey Hyneman.

“If you're running with more effort then you put less clothes on.”

Hyneman says he still plans on wearing shorts and a tee shirt to what St. Jude’s calls their biggest single event of the year.

“God willing we will raise over $8 million for this amazing mission,” said Shadyac.

The weather is expected to be below freezing with lots of winds but the forecast predicts runners will not endure any rain.

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