SCS Responds To Losing Track Of $48.4 Million In Equipment

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(Shelby County) You work hard for your money, but the Shelby County School district can't seem to keep up with the dollars you've entrusted to them.

Nearly $50 million in school equipment is missing.

That's tens of thousands of items ranging from electronics to cars.

The school district says it's combing over the audit to give it a second look, but it says big changes must be made because $48.4 million of missing school equipment is not acceptable.

Superintendent Dorsey Hopsons says the district is not properly managing its inventory.

"Some of it is human error. Some of it is theft. I think some of it is poor record keeping," said Hopson.

Hopson says the district uses record keeping tactics from the 1970s, and he's asking local corporations like FedEx and AutoZone to help the district come up with better practices.

"There's local talent and talent in our school community to solve the problems," said SCS Board Chairman Billy Orgel.

The district is looking at specific schools, warehouses and areas where there may be a high volume of missing items, and some people could lose their jobs because of it.

"My lesson learned is that we have to be more diligent and more forceful in making sure people are held accountable," said Hopson.

The district shelled out a million dollars for the audit when the districts merged because there hadn't been one in decades.

The new district wanted to be off the hook for those missing items nearly 30 years before the merger.

"Now we know where we are. I'm responsible and this board is responsible to make sure this never happens again," said Hopson.

There hasn't been an audit in more than 30 years, which is also contributing to that high number, and the board says it may be a good idea to have more frequent audits, perhaps every five years.

The board will meet again in 30 days to go over that second look and recommendations from outside groups.

Click here to see the audit summary.


  • guest

    if the property was delivered to the schools the principles should be responable for checking in the stuff & have te people sign it out. accountabilty was not followed;

  • Thomas H. Evans

    If this is true then People should lose their jobs. Why do we have such broken systems in this City and County; is there anybody in these positions who have worked where records were a must. Accountability is what’s missing, but if you have no program in place/ inventory system, then what do you expect? There is always a failure on somebody’s part in our city/county government, yet no one is held accountable. It’s a buddy system, can’t you tell.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    At least Hopson is getting to the bottom of some these screw up’s. Keep digging, I’m sure there is more money to be found.

  • Sad ole Memphis

    Its always something with the city of Memphis and the city government. Its odd how you just “misplace” $48 million dollars.

    • Ron Shaffer

      Did I read a different article then you? No where in this article did it say Memphis City but a SCS issue. Now that SCS also contains MCS I would be suspicious where the most of this 48 million is from. If it is in the old MCS system then the problem is not SCS but the on going issue with the sorry Memphis system. The story is not complete in my mind as it blames SCS for everything and not a complete breakdown of where these shortages originated from.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    This audit was a combination of both school systems, so get off your band wagon about just MCS. There are no systems in place, none, not any! This is a broken system and the best answer Kevin Woods could give this morning with a smirk on his face about future inventories was what it cost, not that for sure there will be a system put in place to make sure something like this never comes up again. Our leaders are so far behind the times, and yes, if we keep down this road we will certainly be the next Detroit. Nobody seems to have their arms around anything in our City or County Governments. People really need to look long and hard at who they are putting in office, and to do that they must look beyond just color; me, I don’t care what color you are as long as you are managing things, and these things benefit the city and it’s people, we absolutely don’t have that now.

  • Tara Argu

    They mention specific warehouses and schools. Who wants to lay odds these locations were part of MSC? I do not know why there are mentioning losing jobs when they should be talking jail time! 48 Million?

    Stolen from the taxpayers and students, methodically and systematically. No audits by the ranking officials contrary to sound business practices.

    This has the makings of one of the biggest Fraud and Conspiracy cases to ever hit a Municipality.

    It certainly deserves in depth investigation and accurate reporting!

  • Joe Williams

    Memphis representing!!! 48 mil??? Sounds like state and federal offices should be involved in the investigation… Rest assured the Memphis people will look the other way with a nod and a wink…

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