DeSoto To Partner With Horn Lake In Flooding Project

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(Horn Lake, MS) Last May’s flooding filled Horn Lake streets, and threatened homes.

Jonathan Uksas said there was no running away from it, water was everywhere.

"I live over in that subdivision and it flooded about all the way up to our house. It got pretty bad.”

The problem? Too much water in Cowpens Creek.

It’s overgrown banks have long been a problem, keeping water from flowing quickly enough to prevent backups into streets and homes.

Now, DeSoto County Supervisors have voted to put $75,000 worth of cash and services toward fixing this problem once and for all.

”Theoretically, it’ll take a lot of the water off more quickly and get it on down so we’re grateful to the board for their assistance” said Horn Lake Mayor Allen Latimer.

Horn Lake had already done all it could do within its borders, to clean up the creek.

A while back, Horn Lake cleaned out the main channel of Cowpens Creek.

Now the plan is to clean out the section downstream where it drains into Horn Lake Creek so it won’t back up into neighborhoods like this.

And Mayor Latimer says he plans to stay on top of the problem to make flooding, a thing of the past.

"We want to have a maintenance program to try to keep all the ditches cut.”

He says it will also help save money on bridge and road repairs.

”I want to know with this cleaned out, that my family’s safe and all that other,” said Uksas.

And he says knowing his family will stay high and dry, with worth any price.