87-Year-Old DeSoto County Man Indicted On Six Counts Of Molestation

Posted on: 10:56 am, December 3, 2013, by , updated on: 06:19pm, December 3, 2013

(DeSoto County, MS) An 87-year-old DeSoto County man charged with fondling and having sex with children is no longer behind bars.

Charles Petty is out after coming up with a $25,000 bond.

A DeSoto County grand jury indicted Petty on three counts of fondling and three counts of sexual battery.

The indictment alleges Petty abused three children, two girls and one boy, over the last five years. Recently, a school reported they suspected the abuse sparking the investigation.

Deputies say they were his family members.

If convicted, Petty could face life in prison.


  • American born Muslim says:

    Well well, let us see the usual racism THAT shines aganist any story related to minorities on this site. This pale polar bear is one sick dude. Now let’s. See if he is condemned by the usual malcontents that clog up this site.

  • HatesElvis says:

    The white are cool with this they like molesting kids smoking meth, and killing there family and shooting up school kids is alright to them…

  • American born Muslim says:

    @buckwheat @nonyabizness is this your father? You finally turned him in! Bravo! At least some of you polar bears finally decide to do the right thing.

  • Kevin says:

    So is that buckwheat senior on that photo? He will be turned into a woman in jail, an ugly woman … then he will be buckwheat’s momma

  • Sad World says:

    You know how many sick people get away with this because the DA doesn’t want to prosecute!

  • mark says:

    Amy Weirich would prosecute her own mother for jaywalking if it would get her on T.V.

  • ananymous says:

    this just goes too show you how people really are in this world.

  • Anonymous says:

    To the comment about the “white people” doing this kind if hung. Actually I just read the other day about a black man doing this same exact thing. So explain to me again what race has anything to do with it as also if you really wanted to get technical why don’t you go look at race statistics and majority/minorities in the federal prisons and then come back and make a racial comment. Ignorance sickens me

  • Anonymous says:

    HAHAHHA hit the nail on the head

  • ringmaster says:

    Life for just touching a child ?
    If he had beaten her half to death he’d only be looking at a couple of years.

  • American born Muslim says:

    @free thinker typical pale polar bear dumb enough to spread foolishness and lies when he can’t respond with an intelligent comment. Is that to much to ask from a filthy God hating athetist like yourself. So I guess you actually support what this monster did?

  • Free Thinker says:

    Please describe what part of my post is either a lie or not intelligent.

    So not believing in an invisible sky fairy makes me filthy? That’s some nice bigotry you have there.

    I do not support the abuse of children, physically or se x ually. I was merely pointing out the irony of someone who has Muslim in their username making a big deal of it, based upon the truths surrounding that religion.

  • robc says:

    @free thinker a child being molested is always a big deal! THE simple statement from you shows the depravity of your mind when you said What’s the big deal? It also indicates you are mentally damaged. I welcome a rational discusson but not with a fool. You can meet anywhere you choose. I bet you on psyche meds

  • Free Thinker says:

    @robc, You appear to have a problem with context. You can try to read my previous posts again, perhaps slowly this time. Hopefully you will be able to grasp what I am saying upon further review.

    As for the charge of being mentally damaged, i invite those who can comprehend complex sentence structures to pass judgement on me regarding that. You do not appear to be qualified to do so, based upon your demonstrated lack to infer my meaning in previous postings.

    Please make up your mind. First you say you welcome a rational discussion, but then say ‘not with a fool’ and then say you can meet anywhere. You lost me there.

    I am on no such medication, and suspect that this an attempt at ridicule. It’s not working; in fact I find it amusing. By all means, please continue!

    • ROBC says:

      @free thinker. Reading your reply has just confirmed you are really a confused dumbass. I was clear and concise in my reply. You know exactly what I meant. The problem is that a “person” who denies the existance of an allmighty creator is damaged goods.

      As another user told you the other day and as I am stating now. You mock and ridicule religion from behind a screen when you don’t know squat and can’t back it up. You say prove there is a GOD I implore you to prove it is NOT one. I can bet you are most likely some weirdo living on his mothers couch harrassing little kids lol.
      I say again. I welcome ANY rational discussion but NOT with a fool. So why are you sending me a meassage FOOL?

      BTW you clearly made an accusation aganist the faith of ABM which is mine as well that why would a Muslim be upset about child molestion and that the majority agree with that filth! Remember?

      Just like an athetist polar bear you embrace lying and deception. Who cares what you find amusing coward?

  • Free Thinker says:

    “The problem is that a “person” who denies the existance of an allmighty creator is damaged goods.”

    Based on this quoted statement I cannot engage you further. Feel free to further embarrass yourself for my amusement.

  • angel of god says:

    yall stop arguing what he did was wrong and we all know it. if you found out your daughter or son was being sexually harassed or sexually abused wouldn’t you want him to go to jail? think about the kids under 16 what’s there life gonna be like knowing that they were abused and he got out of jail how would they feel about this? God out of ll masters watches out for every living thing and I would wanna meet these children because they are very brave and I bet there not worried a bit because they problably know God is with them every stop of the way.

  • Geroge Dubya Bushit says:

    This guy looks like
    George Bush SR.

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