Shelby County Leaders Want More Housing For Domestic Violence Victims

(Shelby County) Shelby County leaders¬†say there’s not enough housing for domestic violence victims and their families, so they got together Monday to brainstorm how to fix it.

“The housing issue just really glared. This is something that we can do better,” said Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald.

So far this year, more than 40,000 people reported some kind of domestic violence in Memphis.

McDonald said Shelby County needs more transitional housing, a safe place where domestic violence victims and their families can stay while they figure out a plan.

“The suburbs don’t have all the housing they need. No one has all the housing,” said McDonald.

The YWCA is one of the organizations that offers housing for domestic violence victims. At times, they have a waiting list.

“The YWCA is a 24-hour emergency shelter. It should be bigger,” said Executive Director¬†Jackie Williams.

District Attorney Amy Weirich said it’s vital the county finds the funding.

“If we have victims who don’t or can’t leave an abusive relationship, we lose them on that pursuit of justice,” she said.


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