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North Memphis Business Owner Fights City Of Memphis Over Public Alley

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Memphis) "I heard machines coming, looked out and saw all the police cars. I said, Ph my gosh. What's going on?'" Anthony Scurlock said.

His work day started with city work crews cutting through a concrete wall behind his Pallet Services Company on North Main.

"All we basically try to do is work," said Scurlock. "For 25 years, I basically feel I have not been treated fairly."

The west side of Scurlock's business borders a public alley.

For years, he says no one tended to the upkeep, so he cleared the alley and used it as a  loading dock.

He built the brick-wall fence to keep out thieves.

"All we did was kinda refurbish, make it nice, keep people from coming in stealing," said Scurlock.

It wasn't a problem until he says the city decided to install a sewer line through the alley, so Scurlock sued.

The case is still pending.

Monday morning, the city, after giving a two-week notice, moved in.

City officials tell us private citizens can't take over a public alley and that Scurlock was told to clear the property in April.

They say a new subdivision is under construction and he's known about it since 2005.

Monday, Anthony Scurlock got a reprieve. Shortly after our cameras arrived, city crews packed up.

Scurlock's attorney, who is working on a court date for the case, says things are now on hold.

The city says a specific date for demolition is now being discussed.

"I hope they hold off for a while. It takes money and it takes time to rebuild," said Scurlock.


  • Deja Brew

    They don’t care about this man’s business. Welcome to Memphis, the city where bullies reside! You don’t plan to demolish a part of someone’s business that’s really bringing you money! That’s why this city will never amount to anything good. I advise everyone to start looking for other cities to move to because Memphis only offers violence from citizens and police, unfairness to business owners, and careless hearts.

  • THE EQ


  • Deja Brew

    He’s been in business for 25 years. He had a right to build on it because it’s part of his business dummy!! Don’t refer any of your comments to me because I have a right to an opinion twit! Learn to turn your caps lock off loser!

  • Law

    Mr. Scurlock has taken liberties that don’t belong to him. True he has been in business for 25 years, but that brick wall has not always been there. As a business owner he needs to understand that he cannot take over public property by means of Adverse Possession. The property belongs to the City of Memphis Tennessee. The City of Memphis has every right to tear down the brick wall that was built on public property. Not only did Mr. Scurlock disregard the notices that the City of Memphis gave him, he decided to build a patio on top of the brick wall. He has shown a disregard for protocol & procedure ( The Law of Memphis) and lack of good business sense.

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