Horn Lake Reels In Walmart Supercenter

(Horn Lake, MS) Christmas came early in Horn Lake as Mayor Allen Latimer reeled in the biggest fish any city could hope to get.

He’s reeling in a huge new Walmart Supercenter, the biggest the company builds, to the west side of Horn Lake.

”It’ll be the new center of town and there’s a lot of land out there to be expanded on,” said developer Dale Wilson.

The 25 acre project at the corner of Horn Lake Road and Goodman will pull business to a part of town that’s largely been residential.

The plans call for a full-fledged Walmart Supercenter and several other shops and restaurants surrounding it on the rolling landscape.

Developers say the project will change people’s shopping habits as far as Southaven, Memphis, and even Tunica County.

The real benefit is in the sales and property taxes that will give Horn Lake a huge financial boost.

The recession hit Horn Lake hard and Aldermen say the Walmart announcement will pull them out of a financial pickle.

”We have worked hard, not only with this administration but the previous administration to keep our head above water until something like this did come along,” explained Alderman Tim Smith.

Sources tell us the Olive Branch Walmart brought in more than a million dollars a year to that city’s treasury.

”It’s an absolute tremendous boost, not only in our taxes but the job opportunities it will offer to our citizens. It really starts the Christmas season off right,” said Mayor Allen Latimer.

With Walmart, comes other businesses, and more help for the financially struggling city.

”What’s gonna happen in and around Walmart would add an additional, I don’t know 30 to 50 percent of what Walmart draws. So the number will be significant,” Wilson explained.

The potential change for Horn Lake could be equally significant.


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