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Horn Lake Reels In Walmart Supercenter

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(Horn Lake, MS) Christmas came early in Horn Lake as Mayor Allen Latimer reeled in the biggest fish any city could hope to get.

He’s reeling in a huge new Walmart Supercenter, the biggest the company builds, to the west side of Horn Lake.

”It’ll be the new center of town and there’s a lot of land out there to be expanded on,” said developer Dale Wilson.

The 25 acre project at the corner of Horn Lake Road and Goodman will pull business to a part of town that’s largely been residential.

The plans call for a full-fledged Walmart Supercenter and several other shops and restaurants surrounding it on the rolling landscape.

Developers say the project will change people’s shopping habits as far as Southaven, Memphis, and even Tunica County.

The real benefit is in the sales and property taxes that will give Horn Lake a huge financial boost.

The recession hit Horn Lake hard and Aldermen say the Walmart announcement will pull them out of a financial pickle.

”We have worked hard, not only with this administration but the previous administration to keep our head above water until something like this did come along,” explained Alderman Tim Smith.

Sources tell us the Olive Branch Walmart brought in more than a million dollars a year to that city’s treasury.

”It’s an absolute tremendous boost, not only in our taxes but the job opportunities it will offer to our citizens. It really starts the Christmas season off right,” said Mayor Allen Latimer.

With Walmart, comes other businesses, and more help for the financially struggling city.

”What’s gonna happen in and around Walmart would add an additional, I don’t know 30 to 50 percent of what Walmart draws. So the number will be significant,” Wilson explained.

The potential change for Horn Lake could be equally significant.


  • mark

    Y’all have fun with the traffic, the fighting, the influx of very low income (no income) shoppers, and local stores going out of business. What a “score.” Wal Mart will be your new “center of town” and you’re proud of that?!?

  • jason

    A new walmart means more low wage jobs and more crime. And all in the name of getting the government more tax revenue. Wow good job.

    • Rose Marie

      They pay pretty good!! It’s much better to have a good steady job at Walmart than it is to be living off the government!! Any job is better than no job! They treat their employees well too! At least that is what I hear about this Walmart in Olive Branch. Looks like Horn Lake could use the extra revenue too!

  • rytiski

    Evidently, neither one of you stay in Horn Lake. They already have a Neighborhood Wal-Mart right down the street, the one in Southaven is a few blocks down, and there are 2 more not far away. It will surely lighten up the traffic and definitely will NOT be the “center of town.” Check things out before you speak.

  • jason

    I think you need to Check out things before you speak because yeah we have three walmarts on goodman rd and traffic is hell everyday on my way home from work. Do you really think these developers and walmart would build another one if they thought it would It help traffic or take business away from another store? Hell no they are building it too make more money…

  • B. Terry

    I currently live in Horn Lake and certainly don’t feel that having a Walmart Supercenter is an early Christmas present more like a Halloween nightmare. I left Memphis a decade ago to settle in the largely residential area they are referring to and would prefer not to have a commercial development forced into my backyard. There are enough Walmart stores within 7 miles to satisfy all of Horn Lake already. I have seen the devastation in other small communities when Walmart comes to town. I guess I won’t have much trouble selling my home with all the high paying jobs Walmart will be bringing. lol

  • Cheryl

    I don’t think having another Walmart Supercenter is a great idea. There is one not even 10 minutes from Goodman and Horn Lake Road (right where the new is being planned to go up). As a recent homeowner in that Horn Lake area, I agree with a previous comment, this will just bring more traffic and crime down into Mississippi. Of course I presume my property value to decrease as well. We don’t need another Walmart!

  • em

    I think its a great idea, Ive liven in southaven most of my adult life and recently moved to Horn Lake and it can definitely use the extra revenue/jobs

  • Rose Marie

    So thankful for the Walmart here in Olive Branch!! Especially thankful that my family member has a job there.. Also thankful for the lower prices!! Not everyone is blessed with a college education and Walmart is close to home and my daughter in law loves her job! The pay is better than most of the other places here!

  • Tina Miller

    I do not want a Wal-mart less than a mile from my house. This is horrible. We are buying a home here and love the small town feel of Horn Lake. This will not help at all. I hoped to one day open my own shop in Horn Lake and those dreams and any others’ are now shot down.

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