Germantown Residents Want New School Board To Fight For School Buildings

(Germantown,TN) Right off the bat, Germantown School board members were asked to step it up and do something anything to retain control of Germantown Elementary, Middle, and High schools.

Some citizens said delaying the formation of the schools is acceptable if they retain all eight.

The three schools are a contention point between the suburb and Shelby County Schools, which wants to keep those buildings for county kids who make up most of the attendance.

Lisa Parker, the only member of the new board who has held public office before, was elected chairman tonight.

The newly-formed group received some guidance on how to hire a new superintendent.

Former Shelby County Superintendent John Aitken bowed out, leaving two finalists: Dr. Lee-Ann Kight from SCS and Dr. Dan Lawson from Tullahoma, Tenn.

No matter the choice, Germantown’s Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy insists they will work this out somehow.


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