Shooting Outside Orange Mound Nightclub

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  • Thomas H. Evans

    Even though I may agree that Orange Mound continues to be a disgrace to the Memphis area, I see no reason to refer to people as “Apes and Monkeys,” especially when people are so quick to call Wendi Thomas a racist when she talks about these same people who use this type of language to describe black people. If you can’t take it, then don’t dish it out white racist!

  • sickofbs

    Why is it that Orange Mound has become a disgrace to Memphis, no the people of Memphis are a disgrace to Memphis and this shooting was not of someone within the community this was someone who lived outside of Orange mound and why is it that everytime something happens within the black communities some illiterate ignorant person take to the Internet and say all of these ridiculous racist name calling comments, when things happen within the white communities you don’t see people coming on here calling names like apes and monkeys which proves how ignorant you really are.

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