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Thaddeus Matthews Indicted For Sexual Exploitation Of A Minor

Posted on: 10:02 am, November 29, 2013, by and , updated on: 04:23pm, November 29, 2013

(Memphis) Thaddeus Matthews has been indicted on three felony counts for posting on his Facebook page a photograph of female child under age 5 performing a sex act on an adult male.

Matthews, 56, was indicted on charges of especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor and sexual exploitation of a minor.

The picture was posted to his Facebook page on Nov. 13, 2012, “while broadcasting his show live on the internet and commenting on the picture while it was posted.”

Matthews isn’t new to controversy.

He believes his history has a lot to do with this current grand jury indictment he now faces.

Matthews brags that he tells the stories that the local mainstream media may shy away from.

It’s his niche and it may be his burden to bear.

He’ll now have to justify why one story was so important he posted a picture of a small child performing a sex act on a grown man on the web.

When WREG called Matthews this morning, he was unaware of the indictment.

He said we were the first to alert him and he had not heard anything from District Attorney Amy Weirich’s office since his initial arrest last November.

He said, “Did I expect it? Yea, I expected it. My question is what happened to the juveniles involved or is this selective prosecution?”

Matthews posted the photo on his Facebook page November 2012 and according to the district attorney while broadcasting his talk show live on the internet, commented on the picture while it was posted.

Matthews told police a woman sent him the picture and he posted it on Facebook to help police find the man involved.

He said he didn’t notify the cops about it because he thought they already knew the picture existed.

Today, Matthews told WREG, “Everyone knows even my enemies know, there was no criminal intent.”

He added, “My intent was to save a child.”

A 13 and 16-year-old girl were also charged with sexual exploitation after they posted the same photo on Facebook.

We tried to find out where their cases stand. County offices are closed for the holiday and a spokesperson for the district attorney’s office said he didn’t know.

Also, it appears the man in that photo was never identified or arrested.

As for Matthews he will likely be arraigned in criminal court next week.

If found guilty he could face anywhere from 2 to 30 years in prison.


  • 1midtownmike says:

    Not a good day to be Thaddeus Matthews.

  • Dooby Burger says:

    He’s probably going to get a suspended sentence, but combined with something like community service.

  • Hard Truths says:

    You pushed it to far, Thaddeus.

    By now even you have figured out that you did EXACTLY what the law prohibits.

    And you have made many enemies — often former friends.

  • mark says:

    Wow thats crazy. Come on Thaddeus what were you thinking putting that on facebook. That woman who sent it to you was probably trying to set you up. And it sounds like it worked.

  • I hope he goes to jail. He’s nothing but an arrogant racist who thinks he can say and do anything he wants.

  • evette says:

    I think it was a set up….anyone who knows him..knows this had no criminal intent.

  • Thaddeus Matthews Indicted By Who? and For What?
    What % of white people living in the city of Memphis and the mid south love the truth ? and what % of white people living in black bodies love the truth?
    Thaddeus Matthews write and speak words of truth that explores
    the liars and thieves and murders.
    Do political leaders love the truth? Do religious leaders love the truth?

    • hateliberalcommies says:

      What does being white have to do with this??? Oh,,you listen to him on the radio don’t you,,that explains you’re hatred of white people..

  • geges says:

    Good for him ! Set up no… let him tell it he knows it all…all the do’s and don’t and input to know….So good…Set him up aging…Ha ha

  • hope they get his buddy antonio parkinson too

  • i love how the hood rats like james always has to cry racism, and the old what about all the white….

  • yes especially since you cant spell dummy

  • Truth In Media says:

    It’s funny how things go down sometimes. From my understanding, he’s not the only radio personality that needs to be indicted for something, or is there a double standard when it comes to this guy and others?

  • Don says:

    What a POS!!!!

  • RealTalk says:

    Looks ike they finally caught on to old Thaddy Bear’s little secret lifestyle…

  • Skeptic says:

    I knew him a few years ago when he had a petition to get Herenton impeached or removed from office. He had such an anger against King Willie I believed him. Then all of a sudden he dropped the petition and was buddy-buddy with Herenton. I don’t trust Matthews as far as I can spit.

  • Nonya Bidness says:

    He is like all the other race baiters out there. The next thing you know he’ll be saying how he doesn’t recognize our system of law because he is a sovereign citizen (whatever that is.)

    Let’s hope he gets a long jail sentence for his crimes. The law doesn’t care why he was doing what he did, just having the picture is against the law. Posting it online is another set of charges. Let’s see if he can wiggle out of it.

  • Trey says:

    If people would mind their own business. Stuff like this wouldn’t happen…trying to put everybody else on blast. Now u going to jail

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