Grocery Store Trip Lands Dog Owner In Court

(Memphis) A Mid-South woman landed in the dog house following a trip the grocery store.

She was cited after someone told animal control they were bitten by her dog.

The dog owner claims she’s being unfairly punished.

“It was cracked about like that? Right. You think my dog could get through that crack? Look at my dog. Can she get through that crack?” explained dog owner, Edith Livingston, as she shows us her car window.

It’s Ginger’s second trip to the Superlo in Frayser in the last couple of days.

This time the window was rolled up while the owner of the German shepherd mix views store surveillance video to see what happened outside in the parking, lot while she was inside shopping for Thanksgiving dinner two days ago.

Livingston said, “We’re looking at the video now and I’m going to record it on my phone to take to court.”

A young woman told Livingston Ginger tried to bite her as she walked by the parked car.

Livingston rolled down the window as far as it would go to show us why she doesn’t think that’s possible.

She said, “They had to put their hand in here all the way like this trying to get the door open for her to snag her coat right here.”

Livingston was cited for not having shot records, having the dog spayed or neutered, and not having the dog licensed in Tennessee even though she lives in Mississippi.

Livingston is in Memphis visiting her son for the holiday, “I feel like she’s my protector. She protects me and she protects my car.”

Livingston is due in court in December to answer to the three citations.

She plans to see if she can enhance the video from the store surveillance cameras to see if she can prove Ginger was in her space and she was just protecting it.

If not, she may have to pay up to $150 in fines.

There was no citation for the contact the dog may or may not have had with the young woman who claims Ginger bit her, and no mention of the woman’s name on the citation.


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