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Tenants With No Water For Holiday

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(Memphis) Tenants of Graceland Manor apartments at Raines and Airways said they do not have water for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“I looked out the window. I saw the MLGW people taking the meter thing out. It was a little hurtful. We can't wash any dishes or wash the meat, we can't do anything,” said tenant Brayland Mays.

Resident Tammy Jones said the situation is tough for her, especially when it comes to taking care of her grandchildren.

“I have to buy water bottle because he's on formula,” said Jones.

According to MLGW, water to the complex was turned off Tuesday after the landlord failed to pay the $5,551 water bill.

A representative from MLGW said no one paid the bill after notices were left at the complex.

City of Memphis Code Enforcement was called to Graceland Manor.

One of the officers told WREG that they spoke with the owner, who said she was from Israel and didn’t know Memphis laws.

The owner, who is due in environmental court Monday, told code enforcement that she was working to have the money wired from Israel to pay the bill.

Residents weren’t happy, especially after several of them said they paid for the water when they pay their rent each month.

“We just wash up. We aren’t bathing. She just took our money and isn’t doing right,” said tenant Lynn Scruggs.

Residents are hopeful the bill will be taken care of so they can have Thanksgiving dinner.

WREG reached out the landlord by phone.

She told reporter Candace McCowan that the matter "wasn't her business."


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