Night Escorts Protect Batesville Businesses

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(Batesville, MS) Jim Webb’s office supply business can get busy around the holidays, so when it comes to taking his receipts to the bank, he’s extra careful.

"I always try to look all around my surroundings. That’s the way I was taught, that’s just the way it is."

It’s especially important since a robbery attempt this past weekend of three restaurant employees making a night deposit at a local bank.

"A tall male subject stepped out, he was dressed black and had a handgun. He approached the car trying to rob ‘em. The driver of the car, they just took off real fast,” explained Batesville Police Chief Tony Jones.

Since the robbery attempt, officers have fanned out across Batesville looking for suspects.

So far, they haven’t found anything.

But police do believe they can cut down on these incidents.

Chief Jones says he expects incidents like the robbery attempt to increase this time of year.

That’s why he wants to remind business owners they can get a police escort for night deposits.

Jones says officers can divert from their regular patrols to do the escorts.

He says he believes it can stop the attempted robberies and even help show more police presence around town to cut down on many other types of crimes.

”Really, we’d rather escort ‘em than take a chance on, one, somebody getting hurt, and two, them getting robbed of their money. Our presence can stop a lot of it."

But Jones says managers at local businesses have to remember to call and request the escort.

Local business owners say it can give them peace of mind at a time when money is important and when they have many distractions.

”Yes, it’s always my concern on anybody getting robbed, especially this time of year,” said Webb, who insists he won’t forget.

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