Mother Of Sleep Inn Streaker Says Mental Illness Is To Blame

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(Memphis) A Horn Lake mother is pleading for her mentally ill daughter to come home after a Sunday arrest.

Her daughter, Brandy Cruel, is accused of running through the Sleep Inn on Old Austin Peay naked because she didn’t like the service.

Cruel’s mother, Lanita Pugh, said her daughter’s battle with manic bipolar disorder is leading to trouble like the disorderly conduct charge.

“I want people to know there is more to that story,” said Pugh.

According to Memphis Police, Cruel ran around naked inside the motel screaming and waking up guests because she didn’t like the service.

She also threatened to cut a worker.

“If she’s on her medication, you can control it, but when she’s manic, she’s irate and she’s violent and she stays up. I know with this episode she’s probably been up five or six days,” said Pugh.

Pugh says in the past four years, she’s been admitted to the Memphis Mental Health Institute 11 times.

Pugh says when her daughter was released from jail, deputies sent her to the mobile crisis center again because she was acting unusual, but for some reason she was released.

“They called the cab from mobile crisis and sent her home. Even after she had explained that she felt like killing herself, and you could clearly look at her and tell she was not someone in good health,” said Pugh.

Cruel’s mother says she left home at 6 Tuesday morning in nothing but her pajamas.

She hasn’t talked with her daughter, so she doesn’t know where she is or how long she’s going to be gone, but she doesn’t have any warm clothes and she’s missing her medication.

The TN Department of Mental Health says no one will be released if they are in a danger to themselves or anyone else, but they wouldn’t talk about this case.

Cruel’s mother says it could be a week or two months before she hears from her, but she’s worried a repeat of the Sleep Inn fiasco or worse could happen in the meantime.

The Memphis Crisis center says in cases like this the Crisis Intervention Team with Memphis Police Department will put out an APB, and send Cruel back to the Mobile Crisis Center when they find her.


  • afraid

    it is neither racist or crack. It is so hard to find help for the mentally ill. how many more tragedies need to happen before we spend as much time and money on helping the mentally ill as we spend incarcerating them.

    • Nonya Bidness

      You know how it pains me to agree with anyone but you are correct about the state of the mental health system and we could extend that to drug treatment as well. If we took half the money from the failed “war on drugs” and put it into treatment plans for the mentally ill and drug addicted we could clean up a lot our problems. And what better way to take the piles of cash from the gangs on our streets than to legalize drugs, violent crime would fall and we could tax the BILLIONS of dollars currently in the drug trade.

  • Deja Brew

    She is very ill and these so called “mental facilities” are obviously not trying to help her. If they really gave effective treatment, she wouldn’t have been to this same facility 11 times. Again, this is how doctors make their money. Keep ppl sick (physically or mentally) = big bucks. Wake up ppl!

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