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Brothers Accused Of Attacking Stepdad, Damaging Property

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(Memphis) Police say a man separated from his wife was attacked by her sons inside his East Memphis home.

It happened two weeks ago, in the 500 block of Herzl Street, while their mother was there.

Police say Jerry Wilson was talking to his estranged wife, when her sons broke the glass out of his security door, stormed into the home, and threw him to the ground.

They say 28-year-old Stefan Huntzicker and his brother beat Wilson and hit his head repeatedly with a can of soda.

Huntzicker says they also vandalized one of his trucks and drove another one his vehicles to their house and slashed all four tires.

Police say damage to the two vehicles is about $5,000.

Hunzicker is charged with burglary, domestic assault and vandalism.

So far, his brother has not been arrested.


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