Former Teacher Of Year Victim Of Murder/Suicide

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(Millington, TN) Two people were found dead in a Millington home Monday.

Police believe Mark Perry shot and killed his estranged wife Amy Lange then shot and killed himself.

Lange was the 2012-2013 teacher of the year in Shelby County.

Amy Lange was a teacher at Millington Central High School.

The bodies were found in a home in the 3000 block Oakhurst.

Perry's father says he climbed through a doggy door to get inside the home and discovered the bodies.

He told News Channel 3's Sabrina Hall his son told him he could not live without Lange and would not go through the holidays without her.


    • jon

      The principal didn’t do anything hes a good man dealing with a tragedy that has to figure out what hes going to do with all of his devestated students. Every student that has ever been enrolled in her class has been hard.

    • Natalie Ballard-Cousar

      You know before people start through blame on who should have done what or warned who…know this: Mark Perry was a good person with a huge heart. No one but God himself has the authority to judge him. Mark’s family is suffering just like Amy’s. No one knows what the family or friends have tried to do to help Mark.

  • Why?

    Natalie Ballard-Cousar why are you judging people who are judging? No one but God himself has the authority to judge them…

    How about a jury of 12? Could they have judged Mark?

    How about Amy Lange? Was she right to make a judgement on Mark’s character and separate from him?

    How about you Natalie? Should you judge my words because you disagree with them?

  • dj

    Its not right for what he did but no one knows the situation. Most of the people on here just know what they just watched. Yes maybe a jury of twelve could have given a verdict but not judge. He’s family no matter what he will be loved and missed and my love and prayers go out for both sides of the family it is a horrible fate for anyone to go through. .

  • Steve

    I am actually tired of reading anything about Mark Perry Amy sent him to school and tried to help him build a career. He showed his gratitude by murdering her. This was the ultimate selfish act of a coward. Amy was my friend and that man was not worthy of her. He was trouble and I never liked him. He murdered my friend! The ONLY decent thing he ever did was off himself and save her family from a lengthy and painful trial.

  • Lisa Brown-Jones

    I agree Steve, she was my friend too, and GOD KNOWS I WILL MISS HER- I AM SICK TO MY STOMACH- NOT AMY- She did not deserve this…
    I am angry now, all of us at Tempworks are sick with grief today..

  • Meredith

    I had a class with Amy at University of Memphis. She was a sweet, dedicated lady. Can anyone tell me what funeral home she was at? I want to leave condolences for her family. THanks.

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