Teacher Sends Letter Home About Smelly Students

Posted on: 12:50 pm, November 25, 2013, by

(Buffalo, N.Y.) A Buffalo, New York teacher apparently had enough of dirty students and decided to let parents know about it.

According to MyFoxPhilly.com, she sent a hand written notice home saying several children, ages 3-4, were sent to school “sometimes daily with soiled, stained or dirty clothes.”

The teacher went on to say the issue is a “health and safety concern” and also mentioned the smell “makes it difficult for (the teacher) to be close to (the children).”

Parents and children were asked to sign and return the letter.

Some felt the letter was inappropriate and called for the teacher to face consequences.

Click here to read the entire notice.

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  • Joey says:

    Thought the letter was inappropriate? Because you don’t take care of your kids? INCREDIBLE!

  • Buckwheat says:

    I ain’t got no time fo takin care of my kids dat be the gubmint’s job.

  • Paul Overton says:

    The teacher should be given a raise.

  • Karen Ellis says:

    That is so sad, both for the kids and their teachers. It certainly doesn’t help a child’s self confidence to be filthy. The parents should be ashamed.

  • There are other ways to address these issues than shaming children. Shame on her, there are many kids who are lucky to get to school at all. It isn’t their fault and she should be ashamed.

  • lisa sikes says:

    That was not shaming the children…they are in pre-k. The parents,should be ashamed. I knew a teacher in Memphis who used to keep a,clothes closet i n her room with clean clothes. The poorer kids would get a clean outfit to wear and change back into their own clothes to go home. Then the teacher would go home, launder, and have clean clothes ready the next day. Commendable, but sad that she had to go to those lengths.

  • larry nabors says:

    If the letter went out to all students then it shouldn’t shame any pre-K student. Just another parent notification before a one on one consultation.

  • Wtngent says:

    Apparently it is acceptable for parents to keep their children in a state of filth and stench, but it is not acceptable for someone to complain about it or request that the parents behave in a responsible manner. There is no excuse for sending children out in such a deplorable state. This parental neglect is called child abuse, but not by the pc apologists who are calling for action against the teacher. I guess in their progressive minds the teacher should be the one to wash the children and provide clean clothes while remaining silent about the parental neglect. To them the crime is not the condition of the children, but the fact this has been made public.

  • mike says:

    dey beez stankin

  • Ken Beattie says:

    Better to call the child welfare authorities, then. A Teacher is a mandated reporter, after all.

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