Expert Explains Why Rape Victims Change Their Story

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(Memphis) A Memphis woman that police say was raped is now saying it didn’t happen.

But despite the most recent story, Anna Whalley with the Rape Crisis Center said it is important to not rush to judgment.

“I would hope that people remember that this is a very embarrassing crime for victims that may be pressured by the offender to drop charges, particularly if they know them. They may feel guilty about their own part in the assault. So it would be logical that someone might want to drop the charges,” said Whalley.

The victim, whose identity WREG is concealing told News Channel 3 that allegations against former Memphis Police officer Terrance Shaw are not true.

“All of my statements have been consistent because they are the facts. I’m just stating the facts. I never stated I was raped, I never called, I never pressed charges,” said the victim.

Shaw was charged with rape and sodomy after police reported collecting statements from three witnesses and after a rape kit was performed.

The victim said she has called investigators several times but has not been able to connect with one.

Shaw is out of jail on bond.

Shaw resigned from MPD earlier this year after he shot and killed 15-year-old Justin Thompson.

Shaw said Thompson was trying to rob him and Shaw was never criminally charged in that case.


  • Steve Tapp

    Maybe it’s because the alleged victim lied in the first place. Yes, people, it happens more than rarely. But what do I know? I’m just a criminal defense attorney with decades of experience seeing how these charges play out in the end, not an omniscient social worker.

  • WhyOhWhy

    Why is it so hard to believe that there are some women who just LIE?

    We’ve all known women who are liars. Why is this so hard?

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