Mother Says Trouble Follows Former MPD Officer

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(Memphis) There is trouble again for the former Memphis police officer who shot and killed a 15-year-old while off duty a year ago.

We've learned Terrance Shaw is facing race charges in Huntsville, Ala. An ex-girlfriend says she was attacked while visiting him in his apartment there.

The mother of the 15-year-old Shaw claims he shot in self-defense says what happened in Alabama might have never happened if Shaw had been charged for killing her son.

Shirley Thompson said, "He needs to be punished for everything he's done in the past."

Prosecutors never charged Shaw for killing Thompson's son, Justin but today she hopes he'll finally be punished even if it's not because of her son's death.

"The dogs that he killed. This other lady's son that he killed. My son that he killed and for this lady that he tortured. He needs to be punished and he needs to be in jail," said Thompson.

Shaw now faces rape charges accused of sexually assaulting a woman at an apartment complex on the campus of Alabama A&M in Huntsville.

"He's a criminal. This just happened last year with Justin and now a year later you got something else going on," said Thompson.

Shaw moved from Memphis to Alabama after the district attorney decided not to prosecute him in Justin's death.

He enrolled as a graduate student at the university in Huntsville.

He got a new start, but it seems trouble followed.

"If they had of looked into my son's case and did more into that instead of hiding things, I think that this young lady right here probably wouldn't have raped by him. I knew he was going to do something else because I think it's in him," said Thompson.

Trouble has followed Shaw since he was hired by Memphis police.

He was involved in four deadly shootings, two animals and two people in six years on the force.

All the shootings were ruled justifiable.

However, this time he's considered on the wrong side of the law.

"It's time for him to serve his time for all the wrong that he have caused and all the people that he have hurt because he has really hurt my family," said Thompson.

Ms. Thompson filed a federal civil lawsuit against Shaw after her son's death.

They've been searching for him for months; now they know where to find him.

Shaw will be in a Huntsville courtroom December 4th for his first court appearance in the rape case.


  • makehimpay

    Please make him pay for all his wrong doing, Terrance Shaw u can run but God sits up high and look down low and trust and believe he know what you have done , your judgement day is coming

  • Joan

    He hasn’t been found guilty of anything yet. And this article is very hard to follow. Does wreg not require thier reporters to have competance in English?

  • Hard Truths

    Another George Zimmerman.

    We have barely BEGUN to hear what this fool gets into.

    And WHOSE relative was he, to get a job at MPD?

    Or did he earn it by doing what that 15-yo was doing?

  • Deja Brew

    As a cop or former cop, he will continue to get away with crimes simply because cops aren’t U.S citizens like us “normal” ppl.

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