Mom Blamed For Starting Fight At School

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(Memphis) Police were called to East High Thurdsay after a fight broke out next to the school, but instead of students it was a parent who ended up in jail.

Memphis police say 37-year-old Pamela Cumming and her 19-year-old daughter Kevdisha Williams both came to the high school to help a younger daughter fight another student.

The fight started in front of East High on Poplar, and quickly ended at a playground next to the school when security officers stepped in.

Spencer Sawyer lives across the street from the playground and watched the two girls fight.

He couldn't help notice an adult egging them on.

"The momma pointed her finger and said go head and get her," said Sawyer.

School security officers say when they got to the playground there was a large crowd surrounding the two girls who were fighting.

One security officer said he had to fight his way through the crowd and heard Cumming yell for her younger daughter to keep fighting.

He said that's when her older daughter Kevdisha jumped on his back to join in.

"Yeah, she jumped on his back. A girl in blue pants. She jumped on his back," said Sawyer.

Kevdisha was arrested for disorderly conduct and Cumming for inciting a riot and contributing to the delinquency of child.

Sawyer said that was no way for a parent to act.

"We are supposed to get kids to work it out and not shoot it or fight it out. When we start encouraging them what do we expect," said Sawyer.

He said in this case the adults were the ones who ended up in handcuffs.

The two girls involved in the fight were both issued juvenile summons.

Shelby County Schools Administrators are still trying to determine what kind of disciplinary action to take against the students.


  • Robert L Walker

    I would wager that the parent made her daughter stand up to a bully. It is a known fact that the schools, police, and no one else does anything until something bad happens to the bullied person. If this turn out to be the case, then I certainly don’t blame this parent one bit.

  • Kelly

    I totally agree with Robert,,,schools and the popo blow it off till something happens than they want to step in,,,thats how it works here in the Milan School system

  • Karen Ellis

    Oh. My. Goodness.

    Really? Encouraging physical contact? That’s sick. There are other ways to deal with bullying.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    I agree with Robert and Kelly. Bullying takes place in our schools everyday, yet, our administrations tend to blow it off,or say things like some of the kids need to toughen up. I don’t in any way condone what the parent did, but more people will be taking matters into their own hands if they can’t get support from their school leaders.

  • Don

    Kevdisha, You and your older daughter surely showed your stupidity by going to the school and getting into this fight. But it is expected with a name like yours you appear to be one who might be a scrapper.

    I also have some more bad news for you. There ain’t no cure for stupid.

  • Robert L Walker

    Reading comprehension is a powerful thing. I believe the mother’s name is Pamela, and her oldest daughter’s name is Kevdisha.

    I will agree “there ain’t no cure for stupid”…

  • Deja Brew

    People wonder why this city is full of bullies and violence. This story is the answer, you have parents that are supposed to be mature adults and role models instead they’re immature and they encourage their children to be the same way. It starts with the parents!

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