Former MPD Officer Investigated For Shooting Now Charged With Rape In Alabama

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(Normal, AL) A former Memphis police officer who was investigated for shooting and killing a teenager has been arrested for rape.

Terrance Shaw was arrested for raping a woman at Alabama A & M University.

Shaw is charged with first degree rape and sodomy to a woman last weekend.

We are told Shaw is a graduate student and posted a $20,000 bond.

The Executive Director of Public Safety for Alabama A &M Monica Ray said the woman who reported the rape was an out of town guest and not a student.

The woman told police she was assaulted by Shaw while visiting him in his apartment and that he is her ex-boyfriend.

In 2012 Shaw, then an MPD officer, shot and killed 15-year-old Justin Thompson.

Shaw was off-duty at the time and said Thompson tried to rob him.

Investigators cleared Shaw in the shooting though Thompson's mother contends her son was murdered.

Shaw told us, “I met him at the store. He was advising me that he was living house to house and that he needed some assistance and with my limited contact with him. It was very limited. I think I only seen him maybe about four times, including the day that I met him and the last day that I saw him.”

Justin’s mother, Shirley Thompson, showed us text messages between Justin and Shaw just minutes before the shooting.

In the text messages Justin asked “watchu got goin.” Shaw replied, “nothin, chillin, U tryna get up wit me?”

Ms. Thompson, as well as Memphis police, wondered what kind of business a grown man would have with a 15-year-old.

Shaw says told me he thought Justin was 18.

That is something Justin also claimed on his Facebook page.

Reporter Stephanie Scurlock asked, “Were your meetings with him in anyway inappropriate?”

Shaw responded, “Absolutely not. They were always at the location, at that store. Anytime that I saw him. There was absolutely nothing else like that. And, that’s kind of like one of the other things that kind of bothers me and I wish that the people would know that as well.”

Shaw told WREG what he told investigators, that he never touched Justin in a sexual manner and never bought drugs from him.

When asked about the charges against Shaw Friday, Mayor A C Wharton shook his head as he told reporters, "We did our part, he's no longer a member the police department. You all know I had some very strong reactions to that situation because of some things that I felt about Mr. Shaw. Again he hasn't been convicted yet but I regret that anybody's been put in a position of having to make an allegation against him. I wish we could've done more. But we did what we could do."

This summer, WREG caught up with Shaw who told us, "I really hope the citizens of Memphis would actually be able to look and see that there's another side to this situation and I`m not a bad person at all."

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