Mid-South Fair Wants To Come Home

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(Memphis) The Mid-South Fair wants to come back to Memphis and city leaders have put out the welcome mat.

Just a few years ago the city pushed the fair out of town.

Yesterday, a council committee met with fair officials to see if there was a way to get them back.

Michael Doyle, president of the fair board, says the fair is happy at the Landers Center in Northern Mississippi, and they have room to grow, but they would be thrilled to be back in Memphis.

He also wants everyone to know it was never their choice to leave in the first place.

"Several of the city council members, just like the public at large, assumed we just vacated Memphis, that we just packed up our ferris wheel and pronto pups and left. That is the furthest thing from the truth. We were forced off the Mid-South Fair Grounds by a previous administration, " said Doyle.

The Mid-South Fair had its best year ever in Mississippi with 85,000 in attendance, but Doyle knows they can do better.

At its peak in Memphis 500,000 came through the gates and over 300,00 their last year.

Doyle says some city council members now realize Memphis is missing out on a good thing.

"The council caught fair fever. What can I say, that's our business fair fever and they caught it," said Doyle.

Doyle say while they have no plans to leave Mississippi right now, if someone want to bring them back they are more than willing to take a look.

"I think everybody is driving around today thinking can the ferris wheel fit there, can the fair go there, would this work, said Doyle.

Since talks are just beginning, no locations for the fair have been discussed.


  • Don

    We were forced off the Mid-South Fair Grounds by a previous administration, ” said Doyle.

    You might want to rethink dealing with Memphis as the administration is no different than the previous one You would do well by dealing with the current Shelby County mayor.

  • Deja Brew

    Don’t bring the fair back to Memphis. A bunch of immature ppl will come out and try to fight others and shoot someone on the last day. This is why it was pushed out of Memphis in the first place.

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