Man Found With Shelby County Sheriff’s Badge, Uniform And ID

(Shelby County) A man was arrested after deputies found him with a Shelby County Sheriff’s badge, uniform and IDs in his car.

Deputies found the items when they pulled Steven Tyer over for speeding on Interstate-40 near the Appling exit.

He was wearing a sheriff t-shirt, said he was with the SCSO and showed the officer a fake ID, according to the sheriff’s department.

Deputies also found a police hat, badge, and a loaded gun in his car. WREG has not been told if he has a permit, but investigators do say his knock-offs looked pretty close to the real stuff.

“I am understanding that this individual works at a printing company,” said Chip Washington, SCSO spokesperson.

At this time, it’s unknown if he was involved in a recent incident, in which a woman said she was pulled over near Shelby Drive and Forest Hill Irene by a man who groped her, forced her to the ground, then robbed her.

WREG stopped by Tyer’s address listed on court records. A woman talked to us through the door and said they are contacting lawyers.

Neighbors said Tyer keeps to himself, but seems like a normal family man.

“My husband talked to him, but I have never talked to him before,” said neighbor Diane Sparks.

Investigators said right now, they’re still a lot of unanswered questions.

“We have to do a photo ID in terms of the victim, and certainly, if it ties together, he will have those additional charges as well,” said Washington.

Tyer was arrested for impersonating an officer and speeding.

All he has to do is pay $100 to get out of jail.

He is expected in court Thursday morning.


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