Woman Beats Grandmother, Fakes Pregnancy, Escapes Police

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(Memphis) A Memphis woman beat her elderly grandmother, and it's not the only thing she's in jail for. She pulled a Harry Houdini and wiggled free from handcuffs and police custody.

Her grandmother says she won’t ever speak to her violent granddaughter again.

“She told me to shut my mouth and she started hitting me,” said Bernice Adams.

The 78-year-old wasn't talking about a stranger who beat her in the head with their fist -- she says it was her own granddaughter, Shanta Johnson.

The beating happened inside their home on Hubert Avenue while Adams' small great-grandchildren watched in horror.

“I didn't know she would do nothing like that,” said Adams.

Adams says they were arguing on Sunday about Johnson's boyfriend when her granddaughter attacked her.

“I’d do anything for that girl. I just don’t feel nothing for her no more, nothing."

The grandmother fought free from Johnson and ran next door for help. Neighbors called police.

At first, police took Johnson to jail, but she was never booked.She told them she was pregnant and not feeling well, so they took her to the MED to be checked out.

While she was waiting to be seen by a doctor, the officer stepped away, and Johnson slipped out of the handcuffs and out of the hospital.

But according to Johnson's grandmother, those claims of pregnancy are bogus.

“So she's not pregnant?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

"No, I'm sure because she lives here with me,” replied Adams.

The grandmother spent the past decade taking care of Johnson and her children.

This isn't the first time the live-in granddaughter attacked her grandmother.

But Adams says it was the worst and will be the last.

“When she gets out of jail, is she going to have a place to stay?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston

“I don't know and I don't care,” replied Adams.

Johnson remains in jail on $12,000 bond. She’s charged with domestic assault and escaping felony incarceration.

Johnson’s children are still at home with Adams, their great-grandmother.


  • yevette

    Sad when the younger generations beats on the elderly! What is this world coming to? They need to put someone in there from her family and let them give her a taste of her own butt whipping!

  • Pancho

    Their culture??? I was born in that area, and I am a Senior Director at a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company. Maybe your sterotypical comment is a part of your culture. Anyway, she needs to sit in jail for her deplorable actions.

    • Tippa Taye

      Pancho- you shouldn’t respond to stupid comments like that. There are racist trolls all over this site and they only comment on the stories that feature black Americans acting like idiots. This female being is a sick individual and I agree with you- she needs to sit in jail for a long time for her actions but my thoughts are on her children. Now, the grandmother will be trapped raising children this person brought into this world. It is a truly a shame how low the human race has gone…smh

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