Woman’s Dog Found Skinned And Dismembered

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(Memphis) It’s a crime too gruesome and disturbing to believe.

A Frayser woman says her dog was found dismembered and skinned in her backyard.

Crystal Garcia, the dog’s owner, fears for other animals in the Mid-South and that whoever did this could be a threat to people as well.

“Her nose was missing. The only fur that she had was  little patches around her eyes,” said Crystal, “Her body was actually laying against a tree right there and her tail was found behind the doghouse.”

The pictures are too sickening to show un-blurred.

Someone skinned Crystal’s dog and cut off her dog’s tail and paw.

Crystal’s friend discovered the missing limb as WREG was with the Frayser family

“You see it? Its right here,” said her friend to Crystal’s 17-year-old son.

It was another piece of the dog that had to buried.

Crystal’s dog was named ‘Pinta,’ which means ‘Spotted” in Spanish.

It was a Poodle-Chihuahua mix.

Neighbors believe she was tortured and killed in the middle of the night between Friday and Saturday morning.

“Around 1 a.m. I heard the dogs barking,” said neighbor Wesley Hyatt.

Crystal says whoever did it, did it front of her other dog, which was also in the backyard.

“When my son was burying him. He was just standing by the hole and howling.”

“I’m hoping they can find out who did this and prosecute them,” said Hyatt.

“It’s just crazy,” said Crystal’s friend.

“I don’t feel comfortable in my house. I don’t know if it’s somebody trying to tell me something. I don’t know what to think,” said Crystal with tears in her eyes.

It’s difficult to think about what Pinta endured.

Her collar was cut off and no fur was left behind in the backyard.

Crystal fears what it could mean for everyone in Memphis.

“If they can do that to a dog, they don’t have a heart.”

Crystal says she doesn’t have any enemies and can’t think of anyone that would target her.

WREG checked with police and so far this is the only dog-skinning crime that they know about.


  • Just Sayin'... says:

    Ummmm…. Why would that woman leave her dogs in the backyard, unattended? When you have pets, they become your responsibility to do right by them, which means keeping them safe – i.e., keeping your pets indoors!!! Any numbskull know that. Duhhhhh….

    • Janet B. says:

      Absolutely agree with you! Who the hell leaves a small dog outside at night? Hell! Other wildlife could get it! And she didn’t hear anything either even though her dog was being skinned alive (apparently as they did not mention a knife wound or such) I wonder if the dog was a barker and someone was giving her a message since they didn’t touch the other dog! Here in FL we have people shooting their neighbor’s dogs as well as each other over dog owners who won’t shut their dogs up when they bark non stop. It takes a special kind of stupid to leave a small dog out at night and personally I don’t think any size dog should be left outside!!

      • loli says:

        I agree!

      • people in that part of memphis has been killing other people’s dogs there forever. usually they poison them this is not the first time but probably the worst case on record. this person that did this is already having their profile built as a violent serial offender. Memphis is a horrible place.

      • Janet B. says:

        Seems to be that redneck types are more prone to leaving their animals out and not considering their welfare. Animals are just objects/possessions to them. Such types have hearts and brains that are none too big. And if what you say is true, that would make it even worse that this woman knows defenseless dogs are killed often and still chooses to leave her dogs out!!

      • K Fosse says:

        Lets not blame the owner who found her mutilated dog, people. That is extremely rude and callous to say something like that, geesus. Judgmental much? Show some compassion and respect. A freak came into her yard and killed her dog and you blame the owner? I suppose you are perfect?

      • Teri says:

        Janet, there is a difference between rednecks and trash. Most rednecks care about their pets. Trash on the other hand………..

      • Brenda says:

        Really, does it even matter who left the dog outside? You all are missing the whole point here….a dog has been skinned for no apparent reason. Maybe she shouldn’t have left her dogs out, but regardless she is not at fault here and she doesn’t deserve this negative feedback after her dog was brutally attacked. Open your hearts people, I mean come on, every time there is something put on the news there are always people waiting to judge and criticize. She obviously cared for her pet, it was her son’s dog, a family dog. Do you know if it was let out to do its business or was it used to being an outside dog? People do put up those warmer lights for their dogs they aren’t that ignorant. The people you should be against is the one’s without a heart who can just skin a live animal like that and leave it there for the kids to find in the am when they help feed them or take em for walks…. So please before you speak and pass judgment on anybody, think. You should all be praying this doesn’t happen again. May God Bless each and everyone of you.

    • K Fosse says:

      Way to be, rude gross and hateful. Someone’s dog is dead and you pass judgement? Shame on you!!!

    • Victor says:

      And that gives someone the right to do that to it ? I think that not only are you one of those people who are severely deficient in empathy and intelligence, but probably one of those unfortunate types that actually pride themselves on being smart. I am just sayin, which is another common term that I think displays a lack of typing comprehension.

    • Erik says:

      Absolutely right!

    • Lisa says:

      Exactly! Who leaves their dogs outside on a chain with only a dog house to call home. Dogs are companion animals and should be sleeping inside with its family. And why didn’t the bitch hear her own dogs barking, only the neighbor???

    • Roxy says:

      Right on Mariah! U took the words out my mouth…I don’t know how anyone could be so sick to do this but it happened and I hope they are caught…unfortunately this owner was not a responsible one and to have a small dog outside is insane why own an animal then? Smh

  • Shanna says:

    I have indoor dogs – but if what your saying is true- then half of America
    Leaves dogs outside in the backyard. And unattended?
    The dog had a doghouse, and bowls to eat out of….

  • Shanna says:

    That was retarded.

  • Laura M-J says:

    “Poodle-Chihuahua mix”… “tortured and killed in the middle of the night.” Anytime is the WRONG time to leave a defenseless being unattended. Owners should be charged.

    • K Fosse says:

      People! I have indoor pets but millions leave their dogs outside, doesn’t mean they are neglected or abused or that the owner is stupid….
      My lord, the dogs owner could read this page. All you can do is be jerks, rather than offering condolences? Astounding.

    • Victor says:

      Glad your not writing our laws. You would put people in jail for being victimized. I wonder how you will feel if you are a victim of a crime one day. I hope that you are charged and put in jail.

    • ldhkah says:

      Amen, Laura!!! There should be laws against leaving defenseless animals outside 24/7 chained to a tree where they can’t get away or run for safety. The owner SHOULD be charged. If it weren’t for her, this dog would be alive. It should have been inside the house with her. Dogs are COMPANION animals, not lawn ornaments.

  • loli says:

    All my pets are indoor pets as it should be.

    • Victor says:

      “As it should be” So, you make all of the rules about that do you ? Feel exempt from criminal scum doing things like this to you do you ? Typical.

    • ldhkah says:

      amen!!! My dogs have a doggie door where they can go outside into a fenced-in area in the back and come inside the house as they please. This is the best for them. It’s about my dogs, not me. This woman was an ignorant person for treating a dog like a lawn ornament. Even the bowls of water shown were dirty and full of leaves. Poor dogs.

  • Greg says:

    Is it possible coyotes got a hold of her dog. I can hear the coyotes killing other animals in the woods in my neighborhood all the time. I just heard them last night it was horrible

  • K Fosse says:

    Janet? Redneck types? Who do you think you are? Unbelievably asinine comments.

  • K Fosse says:

    You are an a$$ pal.

  • Michelle says:

    I’m sorry but you people are ignorant. There is nothing wrong with leaving your dog in your own backyard. You could tell she was upset by what happened. Don’t judge other until you. Your self have walked in their shoes .Some sick evil person tortured that defenseless animal for no reason other than to be cruel. Since no one knows who did it. An we know the owner lets just blame her. This was not her fault. Shame on those of you that have cast blame on her. And may god have No mercy on the person responsible for this!!! What we should all be worried about is finding this sick person. Because a dog may not be their next victim. Isn’t this what serial killers start out doing????

    • Roger says:

      Michelle, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to keep your dogs safe while at the same time respecting others that live in your area. Small dogs are usually always yappy, especially chihuahua breeds. She said she heard the dogs barking outside but (obviously) did nothing to quiet them. Can you imagine what its like living next door to a dog barking all night long? Aside from that, you can’t trust people nowadays, and you can never be 100% sure your dog is not going to get out of the yard. They dig, they can jump, gates get left open, blown open by wind, opened by kids etc…. so yes, there is plenty wrong with leaving your dog in your backyard, especially at night.

      • Victor says:

        Roger, your probably one of those same type of people with the mentality that women deserve to be raped if they dress provocatively. It is scum like you that represent a large portion of what is wrong with the world. Blaming victims. Your disgusting.

      • Michelle says:

        You have your opinion and I have mine. I do know what it’s like to hear a neighbors dog bark all night long. Dogs bark it’s what they do. And no you can’t trust people anymore. And that is sad. But what does that have to do with the big picture here? Someone skinned and dismembered this dog. That in its self is disturbing. A barking dog all night wouldn’t cause a normal person to do this.Someone is very sick in the head and needs to be brought to justice. If they would do this to a dog. There’s no telling what they’d do to a person. Also I’m sure there is more to this story. So none of us really know this whole story.My your soul rest in peace little Pinta!! You’ll be safe with God.

    • Roxanne says:

      Agree Michelle! When I let my dogs outside I put them on a tie down and I stay out there with them. Then they come back in unharmed and alive. That poor family didn’t deserve all the comments blaming them for leaving the dog outside. I for one feel very sorry for the family and the dog. I hope they catch who ever did it and give them the harshest punishment possible in that state! RIP sweet little Pinta RIP. :’( :’(

  • kitkatceo says:

    I’m with Michelle on this. This woman thought her pet was safe on her property in the backyard that it was obviously used to being in. Something or someone violently took her pet’s life. Attacking the owner is shameful. I hope they catch the b@stard that did it.

  • Troy says:

    My guess would be that the dogs were left outside and being small, probably yappy type, were barking excessively and pissed off someone in the neighborhood. I’m not justifying this horrific torture at all, I’d kill anyone who did something like this to my dog…. I’m just saying that is probably the reason why this happened. Dumbass owners need to keep their dogs indoors where its safe.

    • you wouldnt kill any one internet tough guy.

    • Victor says:

      And so torturing one to death is a way to educate owners ? I am glad that we do not have people like you writing the laws.

    • Dora Ponce says:

      She doesn’t think she had any enemies but usually there’s some reason behind an event like this and I hope some neighborhood children overhear a brother or parent talking about it and hope word gets out somehow about who the perp is. I wish there was a reward posted.

    • Laura says:

      Troy – I can’t believe you actually said little dogs are yappy, and you could understand how this could happen??? There is no amount of yapping , or anything that would warrant this evil, vile act. This act of cruely goes a little deeper as there a very sick and dangerous out there

  • Hard Truths says:

    Frayser is as Frayser does.

  • crystal says:

    My dogs are outside dogs. I have a gated yard n she was tied up. I was not home that night or else i would of heard and best belive saved my dog! Some things just cant be controled. A person went into my gated yard and killed my dog. Dogs are left outside all the time. A person skins a dog but i get judged?

    • Victor says:

      These commenters that are saying that the dog should not have been outside are just as bad, if not WORSE, than the scum that did this to your dog. In fact, I find it difficult to believe that people are that heartless and would rather think that it is the work of some troll that is posting here over and over. Although this does reinforce my already low opinion of most people in general.

    • Lisa Sears says:

      I’m so sorry for your appalling loss. And disgusted at the people who think YOU are responsible for the atrocity. Please try to remember she’s strong and healthy at the Bridge. Find some peace in that.

    • Michelle says:

      Crystal, I hope you can find comfort knowing Pinta is with god now. I hope whoever did this is found and punished. Don’t listen to the negative people on here. People are quick to point the finger at someone else. Before even thinking of what it’s like to walk in that persons shoes.

    • Jr says:

      Crystal, I was hoping you were not reading this blog due to the ruthless, mean comments from those blaming you for this terrible torture and killing of a living being. I truly hope the police investigate thoroughly because this person is a sadist and will escalate to hurting people next. Be comforted and don’t think for one minute that you are responsible for this awful act.

    • ldhkah says:

      It’s cruel and neglectful and downright ignorant to leave a dog outside 24/7. dogs are companion and pack animals and need to be inside with their pack, you, crystal–not outside 24/7. that is downright mean. How would you like to be left outside all the time? Why do you even have dogs if you’re going to leave them outside??? Not that you deserve what what was done to your dog, but maybe now you’ll realize that your dog(s) should be inside with you, especially at night. You are partially to blame. Let your dogs inside the house. They are PETS, not lawn ornaments.

  • crystal says:

    Judge all you want you all dont know me just like dogs they bark at ppl they dont know…thankyou and come again

    • B newman says:

      Prayers for you & your other dog. Please don’t read anymore of the comments being made. You did nothing wrong because a person who does this to a living thing …. Skinning & cutting off parts of the body, they are sick & disgusting people who need serious help.

  • Mr.Otiose says:

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    • Victor says:

      Your a troll go away with your stupidity. Are you really so insecure that you have to post nonsense like that here to garner some attention ? Probably think your being real cute don’t you ? Probably the type of loser that would torture an animal wouldn’t you ?

      • Mr.Otiose says:

        Say Victor, Reading your remarks to all, my guess is that your Dad was missing in your life growing up. I found your ad:
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  • If it’s not cold out, I don’t really see a problem with leaving your dog in a fenced in yard with shelter (like a dog house) and food/water bowls/toys. Many people also have indoor/outdoor cats. What happens if the cat doesn’t happen to come in on a certain night, does it “deserve” to be skinned alive or does its owner “deserve” to have the pain of their animal having been skinned alive hanging over them? It’s quite ridiculous so many people seem to be placing blame on the owner when some psychopath came into her yard, mutilated her dog and skinned it. That is sickening torture nobody deserves to suffer or see their pet suffer.

    • Mariah says:

      No one has said Pinta or Crystal deserved this, come on. What we ARE saying is that it could have been avoided if Pinta and the other dog had been taken inside, especially when no one was home. It’s been mentioned that many people keep their pets outside – I ask, if you’re going to keep them outside why have them at all?? Dogs especially are social beings, like humans, and require attention, affection and a need to be a member of the family, not some inanimate object to be tossed outside. That doesn’t mean don’t let them outside at all(in a secured/fenced area, please), it means you need to keep a close watch, and again, do/not/leave/them/outside when you’re not going to be home. Too many psychotic people in the world who’ll jump at the opportunity to hurt an animal to take chances. What happened to Pinta is sickening, heartbreaking, and was absolutely not deserved. *But*, if you have dogs that bark a lot, that neighbors have complained about and you do nothing, then yes, you are *responsible*(NOT deserving), for anything that neighbor might do to them, from calling Animal Control to hurting your dog/s.

      • Judging from the horrific nature of the crime, I would say this was done by someone other than an annoyed neighbor. NORMAL people don’t do things like this whether they are mad or not. As far as leaving her dogs outside, well that is not for you, I or anybody else to judge. I personally NEVER leave my dogs outside when I’m not home, but I know several people that do just the opposite.Some people put their pets outside while they are at work, etc. because they feel it is cruel to crate them all day or night. What is right for one may not be right for another. We don’t know what kind of care and attention her dogs received. We don’t know why they were outside. But, what we should know is that no matter the reasons, the owner is NOT responsible for what some sick F@$k did to her dog.
        To the owner, Crystal: I am so sorry for your family’s loss. I cannot imagine the horror that you all must have seen and felt. My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope you, your family and the other family pet/s can recover from this. R.I.P. Pinta

      • ldhkah says:

        Mariah, I couldn’t agree with you more. I cannot imagine leaving my dogs outside all night long, especially if I wasn’t there. Why even have a dog or dogs if you’re going to leave them outside 24/7? They’re companion and pack animals and they belong with their owners inside the house, especially at night. All of my three dogs sleep in bed with me every night, right where they belong.

  • I'm just saying 2 says:

    What kind of person goes into a backyard, skins a dog, and leaves it to be found!!!! Probably the same kind of sick person that can break in to a house and do it to somebody inside dogs while the owners at work or not around…sick peaple have no limits…worry more about getting stupid pple like that off the streets where we CAN feel safe in our own properties…Some of yall comment are sick..just cuz yall dogs are inside dogs yall quick to judge somebody’s outside dog. Shame on yall. Anyone can break into yalls house and do the same to yall yappy lil inside dogs trying to protect its property..think about it

  • 1 Voice says:

    I sincerely hope that the sick POS that did this is caught, arrested and jailed without bail. Next, I hope that Attorney General Amy Weirich will FINALLY understand the seriousness of animal cruelty and that justice for this demented devil will include the maximum sentencing allowed by current law (which needs to be more severe). Yes, there is documented evidence that subhumans who torture helpless animals will also inflict harm on humans. Ms. Garcia would do well to buy a gun and shoot the POS if she catches them in her backyard again. There is no rehabilitation for scum who would do this.

  • patricia says:

    Really people! Cmom this lady’s dog was in her backyard a place for her dogs. They weren’t out running around, but on her property. Someone trespassed and did this deliberately! Sickening people!!! I hope they get them pieces of !*#*.

  • Mariah says:

    I’m so very sorry that this innocent living, feeling creature suffered such a horrific and painful death. I hope this vile waste of breath is caught and punished severely. Crystal, you have my sympathies. That said, a pet should never, EVER be left outside when no one is home. While it was mentioned that a person could just as easily break into one’s home to harm an animal it’s unlikely to happen unless it’s a home invasion type of situation. Dogs bark. Many people don’t like it. It’s up to the dog’s human parent to keep it quiet when it’s outside and if it isn’t quiet, take it in the house. When my kids are out I’m either out there with them or checking them every couple of minutes. If they bark more than a few times I bring them in. People who let their cats roam…why? Very irresponsible, imo. They get into neighbor’s yards, relieve themselves, etc., and worse, they’re completely vulnerable to predators, both human and otherwise. Keep them inside. There are ALL sorts of toys and such to keep them busy and happy. I’m heartbroken and sickened by this latest cruelty, but as it’s so rampant these days, all the more reason to be extra vigilant when it comes to the safety of our pets. I fully believe Pinta would still be alive if she’d been taken inside while no one was home.

    • Your right on the mark, Mariah!! Who in the world would leave a poodle/Chihuahua (small dog) OUTSIDE all night??? Obviousely NOT A DOG LOVER!!! Dogs are family, they belong in the house at night sleeping with the family!!! Not that what was done is right…..It is downright SICK-IN-THE-HEAD!! But you have to take care of what you prize the most, and my pets are supervised at all times, even my 150# bullmastiff!!!

  • Lori says:

    PLEASE keep ALL pets inside! People are CRAZY anymore!!!!

  • CWard says:

    I feel so bad for the dog, I don’t understand how someone so cruel could even do something this bad. This is just sick and they need to be caught before they move onto a person, because that’s what is going to happen. I don’t blame to owner, but people do need to keep there dogs more safe and locked away in the house or in a garage where people like this don’t have easy access to them. That poor dog. I hope this cruel cold thing they so call a person gets what is coming to him.

  • Mariah says:

    Pinta was an “outside dog” AND kept tied up?? Wow. Sorry folks, but that in itself is disturbing. WHY have pets just to keep them outside AND tied up?? Animals are as susceptible to extreme weather as we are. Tying a dog up, imo, is no different than doing it to a child. Furthermore, an animal that’s left tied up outside is even more vulnerable to sickos like the one who killed Pinta – the animal has NO chance of getting away.
    Be at peace little Pinta.

  • Dora Ponce says:

    I hope and pray the police actively work this case and find the perps. The owner doesn’t think she has enemies but in many cases there’s to be found a reason that someone has a bone to pick with a member of the family. Please keep this shared everywhere you can for more exposure for the perp(s) to be found.

  • Erik says:

    The person who did this is a sick POS. That said, this could have been prevented if the owner was responsible and brought her dogs inside where they belong. There is no such thing as an “outside dog,” just owners too ignorant to realize that dogs are domestic, social animals with emotional needs similar to that of humans. If you can’t properly fulfill their physical AND emotional needs, then don’t get one.

  • Unchaindogs says:

    Leaving a tethered dog unattended is becoming illegal in more and more communities. Here is a very good example of why it’s so dangerous and should be outlawed everywhere.

  • Judy says:

    Why was Pinta left outside at night and tethered so she couldn’t even try to save herself? People are stealing dogs from yards to use as bait dogs to train other dogs to fight. Wake up people. Of course this could happen again: pets should be treated like small children. You wouldn’t leave a child alone in a yard; don’t leave your furkids either. I’m so sorry for what this baby went through. Lots of sickos in the world. Praying this lady won’t leave another pet in the yard to be brutalized!

  • joan jones says:

    Who leaves a small dog like that in the back yard in a dog house.

  • If your dog is part of the family take the dog inside, but if you are not at home, as was the case, then you leave your dog outside. God in heaven would not allow you to think that this terrible autrosity would happen to your beloved pet. Rip little one x

  • Sean says:

    It’s nice to have my “Tennessee is full of idiots” prejudice confirmed by the maniacs who are blaming the owner for what happened here. A family pet skinned and cut to pieces, and somehow the majority of the vitriol generated is for the owner. I have a dog door on the back door of my house. I guess if my dog goes outside, and gets hacked to pieces by a psychopath, it’s my fault….

    • Mariah says:

      Sean, I guess everyone who’s responsible enough not to leave their dog home alone outside, especially TIED UP, leaving it *completely* helpless is an idiot? I’m not from Tennessee, btw, but I do know MANY responsible pet people in the state. I’m not *blaming* Crystal, I’m saying this horror could’ve been avoided if Pinta and the other dog had been left inside. Also, leaving a pet in the house while one isn’t home doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be crated. Your dog door allows for an escape route, leaving one tied up outside doesn’t.
      I will say that the comments where people are calling Crystal names are completely uncalled for. That’s just childish and petty.
      To everyone who’s asking why Crystal didn’t hear any barking or crying, she wasn’t home. Please read all comments before jumping to conclusions.
      In reply to someone’s comment above about “normal” neighbors wouldn’t do something like this, think again. Sadly, it’s happening more and more. Animals poisoned, shot, injured, etc., by angry neighbors. Obviously, the lowlife who did this to Pinta is a special kind of pathetic and psychotic and will hopefully be caught soon, and also hopefully, will get the maximum punishment.
      Seriously, folks, we can never be too careful these days when it comes to keeping our pets safe.

      • ldhkah says:

        Mariah, great minds think alike. My dogs have a doggie door and come and go as they please. Inside with me or outside in the back yard fenced in. They have an escape route and are safe with me. People like Crystal just bother the heck out of me. I hate it when people leave their dogs tied up outside where they are defenseless and can’t get to safety. Crystal is definitely part of the problem. Not that she deserved this to happen to her dog, but she made it possible.

  • Monica says:

    I understand hearing dogs “bark” but if your dog was being mutilated wouldn’t the dog be screaming and crying! Her owner did not hear that? I would know in an instant the difference between my dog’s bark and a distress bark. I just can’t imagine the horror that poor dog felt. RIP Pinta.

  • Bonnie says:

    Crystal, you done nothing wrong.. you have neighbors hopefully someone seen something. I live in country alone. I have 5 dogs and 2 cats and 2 horses. we have coyote’s here and trust if one attempts to get any of my animals they not going to leave alive. its awful how people do animals next they being doing people same way. they have a sick problem . prayers out to you and your other dog. as for the law they worthless.

    • Lisa says:

      Crystal DID do something wrong by leaving her dog chained up outside. Dogs are companion animals and the dog would be alive if it was allowed to sleep in the house with her where it belonged. Crystal, why do you even have a dog/dogs if they’re left outside 24/7 to be brutalized like this possibly. Why wasn’t it in the house with you???

  • Stonette says:

    What backwood idiot leaves their dogs outside to be killed???

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