Mini Van Traffic Stop Ends In Wild Chase For Memphis Woman and Kids

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(Taos, New Mexico) A Memphis woman, Orianna Ferrell, and her children were involved in a wild chase in New Mexico after being stopped by police officers.

Ferrell was stopped for speeding and when the officer went back to his car for something, she drove off.

The officer stopped her again and this time things turn violent with five children in the car.

The officer pursues and pulls her over again. Emotions escalate. The police officer can be heard saying: "Get out of the vehicle! Get out of the vehicle right now!"

Ferrell didn't budge, but her 14-year-old son jumps out. He retreats when the officer pulls out his Taser.

The woman's 14-year-old son got out of the vehicle and swung at police reportedly to protect his mother.

You can hear the other children in the car screaming in fear.

The officer called for back-up.

Finally, she gets out of the vehicle, and then appears to ignore the officer, and struggles to get back inside.

Out came her son again.

This time he scuffles with the officer.

He runs backs to the car. The family is locked inside. The officer smashes the window with his baton.

As Ferrell drives off again, another officer arrives and fires at least three shots at the van with the five children inside.

After a 10-minute, high-speed chase, Ferrell finally stops. She and her son are arrested.

She finally stopped at a hotel.

Ferrell was arrested and so was her 14-year-old son.

She is charged with child abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia and her son is charged with battery.

The officer actions are also being investigated by state police.

They are still on the job.


  • Deja Brew

    Gotta love the officers who shoots at a van full of children. Wow, they’re so safe and willing to protect others!

    • emily

      It is quite comforting to know that as I travel through NM in December that I can trust the officers to try to blow out the tires of dangerous drivers attemptimg to recklessly run from police.

  • Thomas Adams

    I hope the two officers involved in the attack of this mother and children are severely punished and brought to justice and the punishment is more severe than losing their jobs. This mother should sue the police department the two idiots work for. There is not a court in the country that would not give them a multi million dollar settlement. I am a 67 year old grandpa and am white you have my name and email address and am so outraged I can not stay quiet in this matter

    • griz0310

      Maybe you don’t see so straight anymore. The only person to blame here is the woman. She was pulled over for speeding and due to her behavior it escalated into something more. Anyone trying to blame the police here has their own agenda. There are plenty of courts who would back up the police in this situation. It is her kids, her responsibility. Even worse, she has done such a great job raising her kids that her 14 yr old thought it was ok to attack a police officer. She deserves prison time and her kids should be taken away from her. It’s quite obvious she doesn’t have the skills to raise them. It’s time for people to accept the responsibility for their actions and stop blaming someone else.

  • cbodi

    Regardless of whether she resisted arrest or not, could they have not followed her until she stopped? There is NO excuse for any office to shoot at a car full of children!!!!! I’m sure she would have run out of gas sooner or later! The police officers acted without regard for the children’s safety – inexcusible!

  • kelly

    I would like to think this woman were the exception rather than a typical Memphian. It does not matter what race you are or your back ground. When a police officer pulls you over for speeding, smile politely, take your ticket, ask where to send in your payment, and ease down the road. If your stupid , drugged out, jittery self can’t pull that off, then don’t have your kids as your cover. Police officers were once taught that a brother officer only has one color – blue. Did the officer over react? I don’t know, I don’t live in NM and am not up on their code or shoot don’t shoot policy. As for the four other children- God help them because the Memphis children services can’t do much.

  • Ellis Ellison

    She Was Wrong By Running off
    But The Cops were even more wrong!!!
    By shooting at a van full of kids and acting to aggressively
    —-“The AL SHARPTON”=She Will Get a Law Suit & Do no jail Time

  • jim creson

    She is a violator. Period.
    When “wanna-be-a-thug-boy” exits the vehicle, HE put himself in harms way. It appears the TASER was already out of the holster and the boy or his momma could have been controlled by immobilaziation at that point.
    We teach to never let a violator get back in the vehicle for Officer Safety but once she got back in and fled, it was still on her.
    Shooting at the van was over the top and the officers will probably be in trouble for that because it endangered innocent children who had done nothing but find themselves in the company of two idiots, the mother & the “wanna be”.
    Problem becomes that they still ended up in a pursuit that endangered more people when actually the mother should have been restrained before she got back to the vehicle. If she had to pack an a** whuppin’ to keep her from driving away, then so be it.
    Nothing shown shows any indication that deadly force was in line.
    Bullets don’t know their “intended target” and a child that simply has an IDIOT for a mother could have been hurt or killed.

  • Ryan Warren

    the cops were justified. They say this wouldnt have happenend to a white women. Probably not because a white woman prolly would have complied. They think because they are black they can do anything. I guarantee if that woman would have hit and killed someone people would have been complaining cops too slow. Sorry you cant have it both ways. I noticed the woman reporting story was also black.

  • Jimmy

    Greg, you an anybody else who say those children aren’t innocent are just RACIST or the police yourself. You have no morals, imagine those are your kids or that they are WHITE kids. Then you would call for his badge. Yes he was wrong, an COPS DO WHATEVER THEY FEEL CAUSE THEY HAVE A BADGE…

  • Terry

    I believe the officer were in his right within this case of giving her fair warning the first time. However did not agree with the shooting at the car while kids were in the car. However the mother should have used better judgement on her behalf knowing she had her kids as well drugs in the car.However she could have prevented this with a better attitude toward the situation. However let’s not profile by calling people out of their names because of their race.

  • mike

    Completely un called for behavior on the police’s part starting when he used the baton to smash the window. And why is the tazer always the first thing g to come out when minors get a little unruly? If these cops can’t restrain a kid by hand then they need to go back to the academy. As far as the backup officer eengaging the vehicle with several shots, learn how to shoot on your own time buddy, not when kids are involved.

  • Toni

    She made the stupid decision to run from the police, (instead of taking a simple speeding ticket). When she made that choice, she decided to endanger her life and the lives of her children.

  • Afroman

    NM will be visited by Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton because of profiling this Black family.. How dare them white cops break out the van windows and shoot their guns on that defenseless Black Family that was using their hard earned welfare money to vacation across America. Did that family have guns? No. They didn’t have a chance against those rouge white cops with guns. So what if they had pot pipes in the van, better pot than crack. Those White Cracker Cops were bulling that poor Black family and racism was the reason they pulled them over in the 1st place, profiling that’s what it is. When they gonna learn that we are not going to allow this miscarriage of justice against the Black community. Reading all the whitey comments shows that you white folk don’t like Obama. Didn’t you learn anything from the Zimmerman trial, shoot 1st, ask questions later.

    • mission1

      They say white people don’t like Obama because all he does is lie. However, they say it’s in his culture also.

  • Billy

    All she had to do was accept the speeding ticket and be on her way. She ran from the police therefore put her children and herself in harms way. Too many guns out there these days and crazies everywhere. The officers did what they needed to do to get another crazy off the street.

  • NoMoreForMe

    Mistake number one, you got pulled over with drug paraphernalia in your car. Mistake number two, you resist being detained by an officer, which at least would have been a citation for the paraphernalia and speeding or at worse a night in jail. (You already got pulled over, so why make it worse?) Mistake number three, the youngster gets out of the car in a threatening manner, with the cop not knowing if he is armed with a weapon or not, which could have lead to an even worse tragedy. Please explain how any of this is the fault of the police here? I suppose on Bizarro World, they would be at fault, but on this planet, WE ALL KNOW WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THIS!!!

  • sally

    This is the United States, it is common sense that the cop did not ask for payment, he didn’t even have a chance to write her a ticket. The woman obviously has emotional problems because first of all, if you have something illegal in your vehicle, you don’t drive way over the speed limit attracting attention from law enforcement. That is the number one obvious rule. Second, if she would have just allowed the cop to give her a ticket, he would have sent her on her way. It’s sad that she’s teaching her kids to fear law enforcement rather than treat them with respect… You get into a lot less trouble when you are respectful. I’m glad this lady is in police custody and they can get her the help she needs for her mental illness. And its probably for the best that her children are no longer in her care. It doesn’t seem like she is fit to be a parent.

  • sally

    She is a selfish narcissist, because if she cared about the emotional well being of those kids she would have given herself up immediately. She tortured her children and her children will never forget that day.

  • sally

    And that’s a lie, people. I live ” out west” and there is no such thing as “payment on demand”. You recieve a court date in the mail just like any other state in the u.s. you are silly silly people who are perpetuating lies

  • Dazed&confused

    Wow!! some of the comments seem really crazy to me. In what world do the people saying the police is at fault live in. First of all she was speeding (71 in a 55 with her kids in the car) then she gets pulled over police states why he pulled her over, then asked to TURN OFF her car and hold on. She took it upon herself to flee. I understand she was scared becasue she had some drugs in her van, but really who speeds when they are carrying drugs. Then police manages to stop her again and tells her to get out of the car. Of course he will be a little upset, then she resists getting out of the car. He sons decides he wants to be grown and get out the car …. What was he going to do? At this point the police officer has more than enough reason to suspect she is trying to hide something. He is not a mind reader, he has no idea why she is doing all this. She finally gets out and then tries to run again. What in the world was she thinking, now it gets physical and the sons wrestles with the cop. Look the only cop that fired was the back up who had no real clue what was going on. Come on people. We are responsible for our childrens safety. If you are ok with speeding, flee the police, allowing your son to attack police then take the police on a high speed chase with all your children in the car, it just makes me wonder how much you care about your children to begin with. Just my opinion. She could of killed her kids without the help of the police. But the police is at fault??? I feel bad for the police they put their lives on the line everyday.

    • RunDrugAddictRun!

      I agree 100%. Love the way it’s the police who are in the wrong when this lady has drugs in her car, speeding and disobeying direct orders from a policeman! Watch, we will be paying the drug addict because she will be the victim. She endangered her children and the policeman who did the shooting may not have knows kids were in the, well except for the one who attacked the officer!!!

  • KT

    She was pulled over for a speeding ticket, but she decide to drive off and put her kids in danger, the cop that did the shooting just drove up and may not been aware of the kids being in the car. As far as the cop that broke the glass, he had every right to do so, remember the young man got out of the van to attack him. If she had just taken the ticket she would have been on her way. Thank God no one did get shot.

  • docky

    The last comment by KT is stupid and evil. The officer is REQUIRED by LAW to Identify the THREAT before he uses deadly force. He shot at unknown someone’s fleeing the scene of a misdemeanor. This is America not Nazi Germany. The woman does not legally have to sign the Ticket. To attempt to book her for a misdemeanor when she has children is just plain evil on the part of the police. She gets a citation and she can drive off. She does not have to obey a police officer who is trying to detain her for not signing the ticket. Those cops are in a lot of trouble.

  • Steve

    fled because she had drugs or the police planted them. Shooting at the car was stupid, smashing the windows was stupid. Even O. J. got an escort

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