Thousands Of Tennesseans May Qualify For Medicaid

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(WREG-TV) Jocelyn Chambers, a University of Memphis social work major, was eager to get on the website and see what insurance she qualified for.

"I went online to apply, but they sent me something from Blue Cross and Blue Shield and I looked at the price and it was like $160 so I'm like that's extremely high without dental care," she said.

The federal government is working on getting the bugs and glitches fixed that's slowed down people from signing up on the federal website

When people do get on the website, it calculates how much money they make and other factors when they apply, then takes them through several steps, revealing good news for some.

"It said I have to apply for Medicaid," Chambers said.

In Tennessee, Tenncare is the state's Medicaid program.

Those costs could go up drastically, according to a University of Memphis economics professor we talked to.

The state doesn't know how many Tennesseans have applied for Medicaid since Obamacare registration only opened last month.

It takes about 45 days to process the application.

Onia Webber qualified for Medicaid years ago for her and her three children.

"I was out of town and I needed help so I came here in Memphis and I got on kind of real easy so it's been helping me real good with my kids," she said.

Since affordable heath care is available, she's going to see if a change could save her any money.

"Well now that I heard of it, yes I would, so I want to see what that's going to bring me."