Homeowner Says City Won’t Help With Trash Dumped In Yard

(Memphis) Raking up trash, piling up boxes, and sorting out furniture is not how Sheena Mitchell wanted to spend her Friday afternoon.

Especially since most of the mess along Munson road isn’t even hers.

“There are customers names, installers names, dates of service…there was even one piece that had a phone number to the customers,” she said.

She said Munson Road is a popular cut through from Summer to Raleigh-LaGrange and is a magnet for dumpers.

“There are tires dumped up and down the road,” she said. “I’ve actually found a dog tied up in a trash bag with cigarette burns all over it that I rescued.”

For the first time, the trash is building up right in front of her house.

She said the city refuses to pick it up.

“The pile just gets bigger and bigger and bigger,” she said. “The city will not send a claw out. They will send no one out to assist with it.”

Surprisingly, one of the only people helping is one of people responsible for dumping.

Reporter: “Why did you do that?

“Because there were things here, it was cardboard and it was all of like image and I wanted to get it picked up,” she said. “There was a pile already here and I was coming down the road and I had trim on me so I used the pile that was here.”

Kat Rae Pumley admits she was in the wrong.

“My bad, you shouldn’t do this,” she said. “I’m going to take care of this.”

Shes making right on her wrong, and Sheena hopes the city will too.

“I’m at a loss and I need help,” she said.

Sheena says it’s not just unsightly, but also dangerous.

“It goes out in the road. There are nails. People get flat tires. They fly over the hill so it’s very dangerous to try and clean up the property,” she said.

When Kat stopped to help, her car was hit.

The man who did it drove off. She has filed a police report.

Sheena has filed a report with the city, too.

The city told us we would have to wait until Monday for an answer to what they plan to do about this trashy problem.


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