History of Problems For Chism-Owned Daycare

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(Memphis) WREG has uncovered new details about businesses raided in Memphis Thursday and the family connected to them.

The Chism family has been in business in Memphis for decades, with ownership in everything from grocery stores to car washes and daycare centers.

However, public records paint a troubled picture for some of the businesses.

There are lawsuits, unpaid rent, and now WREG has learned, the Chism connected to the car wash that was raided, owns a day care with a history of problems.

Court documents and property records list Ray Chism,III as the owner of Helping Hands Enrichment Center.

It's one of the same day cares the On Your Side Investigators recently uncovered violations for.

The facility was hit with two fines in 2012 including one for $1,800 and another for $600.

The day care had a string of violations throughout 2012 ranging from providing unauthorized transportation to classrooms being out of ratio.

Helping Hands was placed on probation and the Department of Human Services, also denied its license that same year.

A spokesperson confirms Helping Hands is closed, but would not provide any further details or confirm when the facility shut its doors.

Remark and Kimberly Chism, the owners of the KARE facilities, have been at the center of a lawsuit after one of their workers ran over and injured a child in a day care van.


  • Thomas H. Evans

    If these places have been a problem as stated in this article, why wait until now to do this (time to run for office)? This is nothing but a political ploy by all involved. Is this the best that law enforcement can do to show that they are preventing crime in our communities, if so, it will not work. Show me (us) some real police work and I will support you all the way, but this is clearly political hog wash.

    • Greg

      They must be your kins. Also this was done by the FBI with local police and I believe fraud is a serious crime. People have gotten life for this crime the same as murder. Ignorance kills!

  • mark

    It is not the same Chisms as Sidney come on people. Just because your name is Smith don’t mean you are related to every Smith!

  • Deja Brew

    If they’re such a problem why are they still able to operate a daycare? The media delivers these stories, but nothing is ever done about any negative situation. Gotta love Memphis where words are louder than action!

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