Police Chief Questioned At Sheriff’s Office After Shooting

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(Panola County) The Como Police Chief was taken in for questioning at the Panola County Sheriff’s Department after both departments showed up at the same shooting.

The Como Police Chief sat inside the Panola County Sheriff’s office Thursday night.

"He was brought here to be talked to. The incident is under investigation right now,” District Attorney John Champion said.

Champion isn't saying what lead up to the chief being questioned, but it all started when Rachel Powell’s grandson was shot with an assault rifle and both departments showed up to investigate.

“He just got shot by accident,” she said.

When Powell went to the sheriff’s office Thursday to be questioned, she noticed her Police Chief Earl Burdett was in a room down the hall.

“I really hate it. We do all love our chief and everything," she said.

What everyone wants to know is, what happened between Chief Earl Burdett and Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby at the shooting?

But neither man would talk to News Channel 3 about it.

"Some very strange stuff happening today, I’m quite sure a lot more will come out of it,” Powell said.

Neighbors tell News Channel 3 it’s a known fact the two men don’t get along.

"There are obviously from time to time a difference of opinion on things,” Champion said. “But wouldn't use the term ongoing feud.”

So many questions remain.

Reporter: "Why was the sheriff even involved in responding to the apartments?”

“That’s part of what’s under investigation right now, and we're going to take a look at everything but the sheriff has jurisdiction everywhere," Champion said.

Chief Burdett was not arrested, he was only questioned. In the state of Mississippi, if they wanted to arrest a public official it would have to go through a judge first.