Suspected Prostitute Tries To Run Man Over

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(Memphis) A man is at home, and not hurt, after a suspected prostitute he tried to stop from working, tried to run him over.

For most, the Love's gas station on Lamar may be just another place to fill up on gas.

But for truck drivers like Martin Norville, the truck stop makes life much easier.

He's on the road three weeks at a time, living out of a big rig.

“When you finish working hard the whole day, you want to be able to east and rest."

That's what truck drivers were doing earlier this month when Memphis police say, Angela Burns kept knocking on their doors, offering sex for money.

“It's not welcomed. I don't even answer the door,” said Norville.

“You'd be amazed the things you see out here,” said Brian Todd, who polishes trucks at the stop.

Burns didn't get any customers, but police say she caught the attention of a truck stop employee who tried to stop her from soliciting drivers.

The employee parked his vehicle in front of Burns and stood behind her SUV so she wouldn't be able to drive away.

That however did not stop her.

Burns is accused of backing her SUV into him.

The victim says he jumped on the back of the car to avoid being hit, but Burns kept going and he fell off.

He says Burns turned around and starting driving after him, he had to jump out-of-the-way to avoid being hit.

Thankfully the employee who dodged Burns' car twice wasn't hurt.

Burns got away, but not for long as police tracked her down and arrested her.

Burns is in jail charged with aggravated assault.

“She tried to run him over, she should be. She shouldn't be out here soliciting,” said Norville.

This isn't the first time Burns has been in legal trouble.

Shelby County court records show, she's faced dozens of charges including, prostitution, soliciting rides, drugs, and aggravated robbery.


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