Risque Health Care Ads, Tough Talk From Timberlake And Our Exhausting Social Lives!

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With us is News Channel 3's Markova Reed, Brodee Scott from 101.9 Radio Now and our own Todd Demers.

Some eye popping ads for Obamacare in Colorado are making headlines nationwide.

They feature women, who seem to be considering having sex, with the reminder that birth control is free under the affordable care act.

Another one shows a guy on a keg of beer, touting Obamacare as well.

Extreme but effective, or is it just plain trashy?

Mid-south native Justin Timberlake is among GQ's "Men of the Year."

But some of his comments in the magazine are raising eyebrows.

JT responded to critics who'd panned his new album, and even said he should stop acting.

Timberlake said, quote, "You're trade magazines. None of your opinions count.

And by the way, none of you can do it."

Out of line, or just standing up to his "haters"?

A journalist with The Telegraph says we've created a new "social disease", in our race to be the most interesting person in the room.

She calls it "competitive interestingness" and she says it's leading to intense superficiality, and exhaustion.

Does she have a point?

And finally Google has patented an electronic "throat tattoo".

It's not permanent, it's a bunch of numbers on a sticky substance that you put on your neck, and your voice is transmitted through your throat.

Any chance you'd use this as a "handsfree" option?




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