Pass It On: Giving Can Be Healthy

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(WREG-TV) Anyone who's watched Pass It On over the years knows we don't always hand over our $900 gift to a person.

There are also occasions when play-makers want to help out a special organization.

That's the case this week, and we wouldn't be able to give so much if not for the generosity of a Collierville doctor and local business who have each matched our $300.

They do it in the spirit of passing it on.


  • Sheno cullens

    I’m a single mother of four wonderful kids but I’m having a hard time with my lights bill,we have been staying with family and friends cause our lights are off, I’m asking for a blessing so my kids and I can go back home.thanks Sheno Cullens

  • La Doris Moses

    I know of an elderly women who is in need of help. She has been ill for the better part of the year and unable to work.Recently she was rushed to the hospital and was found to have a blood clot in her lung . But before that she had around with gout and the broke two toes on he r good foot. Now she has not been able to get any help from any social services we have tired to no avail. She needs rehab in order to get back on her feet. Her name is Marlyin Linson she really needs help in more than one way. She now facing being put out of her apartment. She still can’t walk. Thank you for whatever assistance you can give.

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