Fayette County Deputy’s Gun Stolen And On The Streets Of Memphis

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(Memphis) Police said three men broke into a Fayette County deputy's car and stole his handgun while he was in Memphis.

"A part-time deputy got his car broken into in the middle of the day," said Kurt Galbraith. "Someone had popped his lock."

Galbraith is friends with Fayette County Deputy Chip Pleasant.

Galbraith said it took five minutes for the thieves to break in Pleasant's car and snatch his wallet and .38 caliber handgun, the same weapon Pleasant uses on the job.

"They took off in a black Hummer H3," said Galbraith.

Police said the thieves headed north on Covington Pike.

The Fayette County Sheriff's Office said Pleasant is torn up.

To them, he's the victim of a car break-in, so he's not in trouble for what happened.

No one could tell us if his gun was sitting out or locked up, just that there's no reward for its return right now.

Memphis Police are looking for the thieves. They couldn't give us a description.


  • HatesElvis

    You people on here are so racist, i bet y’all dont act like that when your not behind your computer screen,, undercover racist…

  • Pamela

    @ Joe Williams. What makes THUG CRIMINALS breaking into an officer’s car and stealing his gun an “unqualitifed cop”? Instead of bashing officers who work hard every day to ensure the safety of citizens, how ’bout directing some of those comments to the ones who walk around with their pants down to their ankles popping locks to locked vehicle and stealing things that folks have worked hard to earn. On another note, the story than ran was only 50% correct. The rookie reporter who gathered those “facts” had no idea what she was doing and got almost none of it right. Only a complete bonehead would believe what is run on the local news. You just showed your ignorance.

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